About Us

Welcome to CyberNepal, a platform for all things tech. We are a bunch of tech enthusiasts who won’t spare a second without spazzing over the coolest gadgets or ranting about the ones that suck!

Who are we?

Here at CyberNepal, we handpick tech-related news that is still relevant for Nepali viewers, creating original videos and reviewing gadgets that are accessible to all.

Our amazing team (of tech-savvy geniuses) makes sure CyberNepal is well-updated with global tech news as well as the latest technological events in Nepal. The scenario of all-things-tech in Nepal is small, but growing nonetheless. CyberNepal aims to grow together and bring fresh content right on your hands.

Ever wonder who’s behind CyberNepal’s awesome stories and videos? It’s our talented team of in-house tech-enthusiasts! From simple tech guides to complex PC Builds, gaming news to buyer’s guides, we pick the best topics to keep everyone well informed about the tech-scenario in Nepal.

Our Community

Whether it’s posting your confusions and doubts or showing off your advanced gaming set up in our forum, we love it when our viewers share their queries, knowledge, and love with us.