First Scroll
Yooowhoo! You stamped and sealed your FIRST SCROLL!! And with it, you get CN$ 200. Spend it wisely, Scroller!
Total awarded: 1207
Scroll Fist
You have now unlocked 'Scroll Fist' with all the posting. Enjoy CN$200.
Total awarded: 825
Super Scroller
You are now super rich, Super Scroller, with 10 posts and more CN$ 200.
Total awarded: 691
Scroll Collector
Woah!!! Scroll Collector, or Coin Collector as now you are awarded more CN$500?
Total awarded: 511
Scroll Master
Tell us all you secret, Scroll Master. How do you get so amazing posts? Tell us all your secret as we give you CN$500.
Total awarded: 321
The Postbox
Look at you, Post Box!!! You are stamping away messages and reached 100. Make sure you scoop in your CN$ 500 award!
Total awarded: 148
The Post Office
You now have a whooopping 200 posts. We are jealous!!
Total awarded: 65
The Post Master
Take a Bow, Post Master, and with it, take 1000 CN$. Spare us some too!!
Total awarded: 45
The Drafter
Oh my my! With 500 posts, you are now The Drafter!! Don't forget to check your CN$. A lil' bird says it must have been richer by 1000
Total awarded: 15
The Publisher
Damn! What are you? A Publisher, with 1000 messages? Keep publishing more to become The Unstoppable Spell Binder!
Total awarded: 5
The Lexicon
Oh hold your horses, now you are as good as a Lexicon, with 2000 posts!
Total awarded: 1
The Special Edition
Hey there! You with a Special Edition, with 5000 posts. Go enjoy your 20 Gold!
Total awarded: 0
The Wise Word
Damn! 10000 Posts? You are surely wise, and here is 40 Platimun points to prove it!
Total awarded: 0
The Wise Lord
All Hail, the Lord of Wise Souls. Keep posting and collecting these points. BTW, you get 40 CN$ more!
Total awarded: 0
The Wisdom Tree
We are rooting for your Wisdom Tree. Keep posting to be the Unstoppable Spellbinder!
Total awarded: 0
The Unstoppable
Nothing can stop you, you are now spell bound by your own posts! Keep posting Spellbinder, and dont forget to check your award!
Total awarded: 0
The Master of Letters
Take a bow, Master of Letters! You must be superrrr-addicted to have over 100000 posts! We are green with ENVY!
Total awarded: 0
The Word Smith
Spun more of gold, you Word Smith! BTW, congratulations for getting 80 diamond pieces. Give us one please!!
Total awarded: 0
Paper Heart
Hey Charmer, somebody likes you! You have a PAPER HEART to add to your collection now!
Total awarded: 1185
Iron Heart
Damn! How many hearts are you winning to get this IRON HEART? A lil' bird says, FIVE!!!
Total awarded: 963
Steel Heart
Heart of Steel for one who has stolen 10 likes!
Total awarded: 827
Copper Heart
Terrific! Here is your Copper Heart!
Total awarded: 721
Bronze Heart
Congratulations for the Bronze Heart. You seem to have quite a fan base!!
Total awarded: 502
Plated Silver Heart
Wohohoooo! The world seems to be enchanted with you, O Mighty Enchanter!
Total awarded: 346
Silver Heart
Another Silver Heart for you, Enchanter! You are seriously likeable!!
Total awarded: 188
Twin Silver Heart
My My! Double Glory with Twin Silver Heart!! You have fans
Total awarded: 121
Sterling Silver Heart
Dang! Heart Stealer, here you go with Sterling Silver Heart
Total awarded: 72
Golden Heart
You are a real heart-throbe! Now, smile with the Golden Heart
Total awarded: 28
Lava Gold Heart
You fans are hot with happiness!!! And, here is you Lava Gold Heart with 20 gold points
Total awarded: 7
Sun-Gold Heart
Seems like people can't get enough of you, Golden Heart!
Total awarded: 0
The Platinum Bond
We have a new Bond in Town, The Platinum Bond. Tada!
Total awarded: 0
White Gold Heart
Hey there! Congratulations to you! Now you have White Gold Heart in your collection!!
Total awarded: 0
Plat-Star Heart
With Another Platinum Trophy
Total awarded: 0
Shiney Gem Heart
Quite a fan-base you have there, Diamond Winner
Total awarded: 0
Diamond Heart
Ahem!!! Someone is Rockstar Popular!
Total awarded: 0
Brave Heart
Autograph please, Brave Heart, you are quite a star with this fanbase!
Total awarded: 0
Treasure Box
Open Your First Treasure Box!!! You surely are RICH!!
Total awarded: 898
Pirate's Loot
Now, you have all the Pirate's Loot!! Where will you keep all that CN$?
Total awarded: 151
Viking's Chest
By Thor's Hammer, you are Billl Gates Rich!
Total awarded: 19
Tomb Raider's Gold
Gimme Some Gold Too, you Raider!!
Total awarded: 0
Templars' Treasure
All that Gold now has turned into Platinum. You are as rich and mysterious as a templar!
Total awarded: 0
Atlantis Treasure
Tell us the secret of your magic, now you have all the treasure in the world. Whole Atlantis is in your palms. Share us some gold too, pretty please!
Total awarded: 0
Loot Shop
Wohhooo! Thrifty! Spend more to earn more!!
Total awarded: 4
Watch out! We have a spender! And here is your CN$500
Total awarded: 0
Money River
Oh, someone is spending like River, and for that you get CN$1000
Total awarded: 0
Super Shopper
My, my Super Shopper, here is CN$2000 for you!
Total awarded: 0
Seems like we have a Shopaholic with us!! Take CN$4000 as a reward!
Total awarded: 0
Take a bow, King Midas! You have 80 diamond point! Spare us one!!
Total awarded: 0
Welcome aboard, Novice! Now your journey at Cyber Nepal begins. Keep coming back for more gold!
Total awarded: 1845
All hail, Lieutnant of CN world. Here are 5 bronze trophies for your service!
Total awarded: 663
Now your friends get to scream - Aye Aye, Cap'n!
Total awarded: 370
Make all your foot soldiers collect CN$2,000 for you!
Total awarded: 0
Who is the General? You are! Who Wins CN$4000? You do! Congratulations!
Total awarded: 0
Salaam, Commander! You have the world at your feet, but we have more surprised stored for you so keep dropping by!
Total awarded: 0
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