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    1. 10 Free Must Have Apps on your Phone

      When we forget our wallet at home, we might not bother going back for it, but the same cannot be said for phones. we try our best to avoid spending our day without it. Every task, from workplace jobs to vacations, NASA Projects to School Assignment, meeting business personnel to meeting with loved ones, relies on a single device known as the mobile phone. Our day starts with a phone in our hand and ends with it as well. Phones are used for everything nowadays ranging from social updates, world news, and anything else we like to follow. so, they are called smartphones because of the vast array of features that these devices possess. Among these features, phone apps are one of the best things on mobile. Games, Movies, Social sites, Internet Banking, Digital Meeting, Online Shopping, etc. are all possible on a small device that we can carry on our pockets. How convenient is that! Our life has become more simple and more comfortable than ever with a diverse variety of innovative and creative apps. We here at Cyber Nepal have selected some essential Smartphone apps that will make your daily lifestyle even more comfortable than before. (The ranking of the apps is random and not indicative of their quality)
      1. Snapseed
      There are many photo-editing apps available on mobile devices, but most of them are either riddled with ads or are with blocked features behind a premium paywall. Snapseed is one of the few genuinely free photo-editing application on smartphones. This app is heavily loaded with image enhancement and modification tools, and they are presented in such a simple way that makes Photoshop feel less intuitive. A tool called Headpose lets us modify the head position, pupil size, smile, and focal length. The portrait tool modifies skin tone, eye clarity, skin smoothing, etc. It has a total of 28 tools that also have several other sub-tools. Snapseed can make a gloomy image into a vibrant one in mere seconds and vice-versa. Snapseed is supported by Google, which explains its exceptionally great quality even as a free app.
      No annoying advertisements Heavily-filled with tools User Interface is simple Nothing is locked behind paywalls. Cons
      Lack of quick-tutorials Low variety of presets  
      Platform: iOS and Android

      2. BitWarden
      Some of us keep the same password for every account of every platform, but doing that is quite risky even though it is convenient for us to remember only one password. Bitwarden is a password manager app that helps us organize the passwords of our social and commercial accounts. Our account details are stored in the Bitwarden vault, which can be accessed via a master password or biometrics. It also has an auto-fill service. Other security features of this app include two-step login, fingerprint, vault timeouts, etc. For your convenience in choosing a random password, this app also has a password generator.
      Two Factor Authentication Supports mostly all platforms and browsers Password Generator Zero Advertisements Simple and clean UI Auto-Fill Function Cons
      Slow developer support and updates Platform: iOS and Android(Also available on PC)

      3. Alarmy
      "World's Most Annoying Alarm App, featured by Cnet, Gizmodo, Huffington post, etc." Alarmy is exactly what it claims to be, annoying, irritating, bothersome, infuriating, abrasive, etc. For any other smartphone application, this is not the way to market the product, but for Alarmy, this is the best praise. If you have a habit of waking up late while ignoring the typical alarm clock, then this app is exactly what you need. Alarmy makes the snooze/turn-off process harder for its user. It makes you do some missions like clicking pictures of a specific thing in your house that you have pre-selected or solve mathematical problems, puzzles, etc. The alarm keeps on ringing until the task is completed which means that it forces you to get out of your bed or use your brain extensively to turn off the alarm. From my personal experience, Alarmy is maddening but works wonders!
      No annoying advertisements Will work on any kind of heavy sleepers Cons
      Mission variety might get stale on non-premium version Might be too annoying at times Platform: iOS and Android
      4. Clap Phone Finder
      We forget things. It is an average human's basic nature. We sometimes casually forget where we kept our phone and start to panic. Clap Phone Finder will find our smartphones in such occurrences. To activate the alarm, we need to clap our hands for the present times. We can also set the sensitivity, alarm sound, and vibration of the phone. This app will prove to be a boon for you at times of rush.
      Easy to use Sensitivity can be set such that the alarm does not go off mistakenly Runs as a background application without interrupting anything on your phone Battery-friendly Cons
      Advertisements will pop up on opening/closing the app No Child-lock system Platform: Android

      5. Feedly
      If you want to soak up everything that is happening around the world or want to stay updated with the things you are interested in, then Feedly is the app. Feedly is a feed reader app, as the name suggests. It shows you all the news you want from your preferred genre compactly. We can choose from various topics like tech, World Politics, Gaming, Movies, Fashion, Aerospace, Pharma, Music, Comics, and many more. We can also search for the exact source we want to read from, but Feedly organizes our news feed screen automatically after adding our preset topics and contents. Feedly acts as our daily news reporter and keeps us updated without having to watch the news for 30 mins to soak up everything or read a long 2000 words article to get the main gist of the content.
      Read Later function is available News Feed can be personalized to a very high degree Large variety of topics and sources Simple Presentation Negligible presence of ads Cons
      No keyword search function Fonts cannot be changed on the base version Best features locked behind paywall/ premium version Platform: iOS and Android(also available on Web)

      6. TuneIn Radio
      TuneIn is not your typical radio. It is the best in its class of radio-streaming application on a smartphone. It is a classic radio to its core but with features suited for the 21st Century. TuneIn has over 50,000 radio stations to listen to and 100,000+ on the premium version. We can listen to any radio channels imaginable; major Nepali channels like Ujyalo, Radio Kantipur, Image FM, Hits FM, BBC Nepali, Radio Nepal, etc. are also available. We can choose the radio channels on TuneIn by selecting genres like music, sports, news, etc. This genre is again divided into sub-genres so that we can choose what type of music to listen to or what sports news to show. TuneIn is also great at discovering new and intriguing channels through its search function.
      All major radio channels are free Negligible ads Clean Presentation Search by location function Cons
      The recording is blocked behind a paywall The community hub is not accessible in free version Sloppy UI Platform: iOS and Android(also available on Web)

      7. SoundHound
      "I know the tune, but I can't remember the song!" This is such a common phrase, and hence we should honor SoundHound by keeping it on the must-have list. This ridiculous app listens to our humming and recognizes the song! Name it, sing it, hum it or type it, SoundHound will sniff out the song you are seeking for. In simple words, SoundHound is a song identifier and a good one at that. After tapping on the orange button on the app, either move your phone towards the source of music or sing or hum the song yourself and SoundHound will give you the list of songs that match the given input. It not only identifies the song but gives you the lyrics as well. It is also "Spotify but with quick access to lyrics."
      Identifies tracks quickly History function available Has full lyrics of almost every song Free Version does not differ much from the premium one Cons
      Cannot identify local songs Has issues with sound sensitivity Average User Interface Platform: iOS and Android

      8. MyFitnessPal
      Daily-life can feel tiresome, and lunch/breakfast/dinner is the only time when we feel at ease. Eating does provide comfort, and some of us take this comfort to the next level by mindlessly over-eating. To maintain a healthy life, we must keep track of the things we eat. Eating affects your diet, which ultimately impacts your calorie intake. If calories are controlled, then our health-style can be controlled as well. Tracking and understanding what we eat daily might seem like a daunting task, but MyFitnessPal makes it easier to do exactly that. As the name suggests, MyFitnessPal is your fitness friend. This application's core focus is to keep track of your calorie consumption; however, it certainly cannot be done with "smartphone magic" and should be done manually. To keep count of the calories, you have to scan the bar-code of the food product, automatically determining the amount and calories, or manually searching for the food on the application and choosing the best-provided option. MyFitnessPal also takes other things like water consumption and exercise into consideration and will set your calorie goal.
      Excellent User-Interface Includes recipes for healthy food Exercise plans are also available Search-Function works perfectly Cons
      Annoying pop-ups of advertisements Step Tracker requires a separate device unless you have the Samsung Health app Best features are locked behind the premium version Platform: iOS and Android(also available on Web)

      9. Lumosity
      Training and enhancing your brain powers do not take more than 15 minutes if done daily. With Lumosity, brain training is more fun than ever. Lumosity is a game app at its core which claims to "turn common cognitive tasks, or new ones designed by our scientists, into games that challenge abilities like Memory and Attention." Lumosity has the following skillsets we can practice on:
      Memory Attention Flexibility Problem Solving Speed Math Language After taking the Fit Test of Lumosity, we are free to train our brain any way we want. It analyzes our performance and provides the stats of our mind on the fronts mentioned above. This gives us insight into what we are weak at, and we can try to improve on the skillset by focusing more on tasks/games relating to that skill.
      A diverse variety of skill-sets to train on Games are fun and interesting Tasks don’t feel repetitive Clean UI A Reminder system is available within the app No Advertisements Cons
      Only 3 games are available for free daily Personalized Game Report is locked behind a paywall Most games and tasks are premium-exclusive Platform: iOS, Android(also available on Web)

      10. Zedge
      Zedge is a bit of an unorthodox app on this list. It is a wallpaper and ringtone downloader application. We always want to keep the best looking wallpaper on our smartphone screen, and Zedge is the perfect app to choose them according to your taste. It also has some funny and creative ringtones to choose from.
      Every wallpaper is free to download Most of the ringtones are free with some exceptions Wallpapers can either be downloaded or automatically set from the app itself Clean Presentation Regular updates Cons
      Ads pop up with every download Platform: iOS, Android(also available on Web)

      With smartphones being an integral part of our lives, applications have snuck into our daily routine. Properly using them will make our life so much more convenient. Creativity and innovation, applications have brought into mobile phones are nothing less than "magical."  

    2. Apps For When You Are Hungry, Along With Recipes! 

      We as humans get excited about foods? Yes, definitely. You want to go to the best place for breakfast, lunch or dinner with your loved ones. There’s no denying that  Kathmandu City has become the food choice galore. Countless restaurants are serving Indian, Chinese, Continental, Thai cuisines, to name a few. But what is the solution for your hunger on days you are feeling lazy? How can your pajama party include fast food options? Don't we all expect to have a food app that can deliver our choice of foods within minutes to our door?  Here’s a brief introduction to 5 applications used in our city for fast online food delivery:
      This app has become the number one choice for online food delivery. It is the first and only delivery company that delivers food from over 100 different restaurants right to your doorstep. Just sit back and relax until your dish gets delivered within half an hour or so.
      Bhoj Deals ( Now Bhoj )
      Bhoj Deals or Bhoj is a one-stop mobile app dedicated to all the foodies of Nepal. They quickly deliver your favorite foods on any occasion, be it a party or an event. Thus, you can get amazing deals with this app, and it’s just one click away! 

      What if you get hungry in the middle of the night? Or, even worse, what if you decide on having a last-minute sleepover? Will you cancel it for not having enough food? Of course not, your mid-night crisis is not a problem anymore. With ‘Bhoklagyo,’ you can order food from anywhere from around 4 pm to 4 am and fulfill your hunger. Hence this a multi-cuisine production company has been serving our desire since 2015. 
      This app is the only platform in Nepal that has established connections with home chefs and customers throughout the valley. You can order healthy and home-cooked food with the very best chefs at service. If you want to taste something that reminds you of home, Foodmario is the choice. 
      This app is a lifesaver if you don’t know where to order your favorite food. It lets you search and discover your favorite restaurants to make a quick delivery. Eventually, you can trust the judgments of the internet and go through their menus, ratings, photos, and user reviews. Don’t be scared to get experimental and trust your choice! Who knows, you may end up having the best meal of your life. 
      Recipe Apps
      The following app solves the problem of an emergency food crisis or food cravings. However, there are days when you feel like cooking and eating at home. How can you bring out the inner chef in you and prepare the best dish of your life? These are five recipes you can use to create a fantastic meal! 
      Foodies is an excellent app in the days you have low energy, and cooking feels tiresome. This app facilitates you to enter items you already have on hand and filter out a selection of recipes that includes those items. Besides, this app has only one focus; it helps you live your ‘chopped’ dream. 
      Superfood takes a more healthy, focused food approach. You get clear nutritional information on every dish, and it keeps count of your calorie intake. Subsequently, this app has a large selection of vegetarian and vegan recipes for all you vegetarians out there! 
      Crockpot recipes
      This app caters specifically to the Crockpot, and it collects slow cooker recipes from cocktails to dump cake. Similarly, it arranges the methods in a specific category and highlights meals with particular ingredients or dietary preferences. Therefore, we highly recommend this app to someone with a slow cooker. 
      Big Oven
      If you want a massive library of recipes, Big Oven is the right choice for you. It has about 350,000 methods, and it is the number one choice in the top- tier cooking apps. Although it's a can hassle to navigate, it’s a price to pay for the abundance of recipes available. 
      This app can genuinely make you curious. Also, the voice control system can allow the user to execute the recipe efficiently, and you will never overcook an item again. It has a user-friendly interface, and the library includes a method from top publications like Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines.     

    3. The Top 12 Apps to Troll Your Friends

      Although technology has a lot of ‘practical’ or ‘important’ uses in everyday life, there are many useless apps to fool around. There are tons of prank apps that nobody knows about, but consider yourself lucky to learn about these apps to troll your friends.  We all love trolling our friends. Some pranks are simple and harmless ones, but some can turn a bit serious. So which kind of prankster are you?  Here’s a guide to make your trolls even more fun and memorable. Just make sure you don’t brush your friends the wrong way!
      Voice Changer
      This is a fun, playful app you can use to troll your loved ones. This app applies an effect on the audios, and it creates funny and amazing results. You can change your voice into a chipmunk, older man, child, robot, and laugh trolling your friends! 
      Add motion fart app on your friend’s phone
      Pick the perfect opportunity and keep this app in your friend’s phone. This app has a motion detector and starts making fart noises every time you move it. So, if you want to embarrass your friend, install this app on their phone.
      Enable Siri and make it say absurd names
      If you have an iPhone user in the group, this is the best prank. Just take their phone and press down on the home button to access Siri. Instruct her to call your friends by ridiculous names; your friend will not thank you.
      Jokes Phone
      Jokes Phone is another troll app for both ios and android users. You can make a fake caller id and troll your friends and family. This app allows you to counterfeit incoming calls from your contact list, and you can also change the contact images, name, number, and other details of the caller. Isn’t that a cool prank! 
      Fake Call Girlfriend
      If your friend is single and ready to mingle, this phony app is perfect for him! This app allows you to make a call to your “so-called'' girlfriend. And like the icing on the cake, you can choose from a list of different girls to schedule a call. 

      Kill Your Friends Wi-fi
      This is one of the best android apps to troll your friends. When you and your friend are using the same network, this app can make stop the user’s wifi internet connection. You can steal their bandwidth, and your friend can’t use wifi on their phones. Oopsie. 
      Create Ghost In Photos
      Creating a ghost in your friend’s photo is a scary yet fun app you can try on your friend’s phone. You can prank your friends and family with a picture of a ghost in their photos. It can be the best ghost hunting app for the goofy friend who believes this awesome prank. 
      Crack Your Screen
      Another favorite app among users to create shock and surprise for your friend is Crack Your Screen. You can get an instant alarmed reaction from your friend, and it is priceless. Also, it has three different crack methods like crack on shake, cracks on touch, and set the crack timer. 
      Celebrity voice changer
      If you want to have a celebrity moment, use this app to troll your friends. You can change your pitch and turn into your favorite celebrity. Additionally, there are many voice effects you can choose from and use them according to your interests. 
      Laser Cut Fingers Prank
      This app allows you to ‘virtually’ cut your finger! Don’t be scared; it’s not an actual laser. After you press the start button, it automatically connects with your camera starts working. Use it wisely for entertainment purposes.
      Set Awkward Alarms
      Similarly, this is a mean prank you can pull with a locked iPhone through this app. Just set your friends alarm to 3.30 pm and disturb their sleep! Hahaha, but get ready to get serious death threats from your friends later on, just kidding.

      Epic Siren App
      If you see red and blue lights flashing in the rearview mirror, it is your worst nightmare. But, luckily ( or unluckily ), in this case, you can turn this nightmare into a daydream with this app. Also, with the ‘Epic Siren App,’ you can convince your friend who is driving a car to pull over. Isn’t that great! 
      So, Had fun pranking your friends through these apps? Feel free to share your experience with us !!! Not only these apps to troll your friends but also you can try photo editing apps which will also leave you equally mesmerized. Check out here: Photo Editing Apps You Must Try !!

    4. Underrated Photo Editing Apps You MUST TRY!

      We, as millennials, can agree that social media is a huge part of our lives. With that being said, Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform, which means that most of us are consumed in clicking the best picture possible. Because “If you didn't Instagram it, did it even happen?” But let’s be realistic. Neither do we feel or look our best every day nor do we visit aesthetic locations every day. For those days, we resort to our trusty photo editing apps like PicsArt, SnowCam, VSCO, Snapseed, Afterlight, etc.  However, sometimes we feel bored with the same old filters and adjustment tools. So if you want to try out new photo editing apps but don’t want to go through the hit and trial method, we have simplified the task for you. Our top 10 underrated photo editing apps will ensure you always look 10/10 for free!
      1. Tezza
      A no non-sense app with few filters and tools to adjust the brightness, saturation, shadows, highlights, etc., this app is perfect for those who do not want to spend hours editing. Even though you need to purchase some features, the free ones are great too!  (Available on iOS)
      2. 1998 Cam
      For those who love the vintage aesthetic, this app is perfect for you. Most vintage camera apps simply let you click pictures that end up getting random light leaks and dust effects. Although that maintains the essence of a disposable camera, sometimes the damn light leak hits the worst spot ever! Fret not because this app not only lets you click pictures with random effects but also allows you to adjust them if you’re not satisfied. With various filters, light leaks, dust effects, and adjustment tools, you’ll have tons of Insta-worthy pictures to flaunt! (Available on iOS and Android)
      3. Pomelo
      This app has loads of aesthetic filters and powerful adjustment tools, you can even create your own filters! You can try various makeup looks in the app. Moreover, the in-app camera has some impressive tools which will help you get the perfect angle for all your pictures. (Available on iOS and Android)
      4. Lomograph
      Since the vintage vibe is trending, we tried to find the apps that will help you achieve the retro feel. Lomograph is one such app wherein each filter has unique variations. Especially the VHS effects and light leaks in this app are to watch out for.  (Available on iOS and Android)
      5. Litely
      Like Tezza, Litely also has a few free filters which are perfect for a clean, minimal look. Sometimes ‘less is more’ when it comes to maintaining a cohesive Instagram theme so you might want to give it a try! (Available on iOS)

      6. Polarr
      Filters, lots of tools to play around with, beauty adjustment features, etc.— it’s like a free version of VSCO + Afterlight (if you don’t buy the pro version, of course). One feature that not many apps offer is the double exposure tool and Polarr has that too. Moreover, it has spot removal, liquify and overlay features too so your pictures are going to look professionally edited in no time! (Available on iOS and Android)
      7. RNI Films
      We’ve got beauty gurus applying makeup for the ‘no-makeup’ look. Now, it’s time for apps with filters to achieve the ‘no-filter’ look! With amazing film filters and necessary adjustment tools, RNI Films will soon become the go-to app for every Instagram enthusiast! (Available on iOS)
      8. Nebi Film
      Yet another retro editing app that hasn’t received the attention it deserves. However, the features are limited unless you sign up. But the free features work well and the minimal light leaks and grain overlays will make your pictures look like they’re straight from a 35mm camera! (Available on iOS and Android)
      9. Loftcam
      Another lovechild of VSCO and Afterlight. Loads of filters to play with and the best part is— most of them are free! However, the only downside is the language barrier. Everything is in Chinese *panics in Nepali*. (Available on iOS)

      10. Pixaloop
      This app is for those who love to add a whimsical touch to their pictures. Make your pictures move, add an overlay and voila! You can even replace plain skies with beautiful sunsets and animated clouds. (Available on iOS and Android)

      Have you already tried one of these apps? Did we miss your favorite but underrated photography and photo editing apps? COMMENT down below and let us know!

    5. Instagram Reels: Should you Prefer it Over TikTok?

      Amidst heaps of controversies around popular app TikTok and its host country, Instagram has fast-tracked its process of rolling out its new TikTok like feature called Reels. It is understood that Reels is already available on the Instagram app in more than 50 countries. Following India's ban of TikTok and many other Chinese apps, Facebook's Instagram saw an opportunity for its new feature to thrive. Given this situation, it began aggressively pushing out the Reels update in our neighboring country on the 6th of July. This leaves us to wonder: what does it mean to our country's TikTok creators, and what are the steps they should take into consideration?
      Reels is an important development for popular content creators on TikTok. Considering the pace of its rollout, it is very likely that Instagram users in Nepal will see this update pushed soon. A large number of TikTok audience for Nepali creators are based in India. Taking this audience reach into account, popular creators could benefit from Reels. Audience reach is perhaps the biggest of the pros for creators to adapt Reels into their routine. On top of that, Reels is very similar to TikTok in terms of UI and is integrated inside the Instagram app itself.
      Here are some key points that one should consider
      Audience Reach
      Audience reach is perhaps the key point to consider when thinking about the switch to Reels. Given the cultural similarities, Nepali TikTok content has seen a sizable decrease in the number of views and engagement on their content after the Indian ban over Chinese apps. The amount of time people spend on Instagram worldwide has gone up by approximately 3%. It has also been noted that the number of Instagram downloads from the App/Play store has risen considerably. Here's a fun website to keep track of Instagram's progress by the numbers: Omnicore
      UI: TikTok vs Instagram Reels
      Similar to TikTok, Reels has options for users to create short 15 second videos, add fun filters, add music, and share it with other users. Reels will also allow users to create short challenge videos, trends, and songs like its competitor. The biggest problem is, however, accessibility. TikTok is a dedicated app that you keep separate, open, and start swiping right away. On the other hand, Instagram Reels sits as an additional feature inside the Instagram app itself.
      While this ease-of-use is purely subjective, some users are bound to find the lack of a standalone app to separate their social media and content creation problematic. In addition to that, navigability within the app is also going to come with a learning curve. Instagram is not a dedicated video-sharing app, and there are a lot of features inside, unlike TikTok. According to an article published in The Verge, having more choices can lead people to experience a sort of paralysis. This works in favor of TikTok. If you are, however, someone who uses their Instagram to connect with your TikTok audience, Reels could be just for you!
      Creating Similar to TikTok, users can add songs to their Reels from the Instagram music library. To use audio from a different account, users just have to tap on "Use Audio." While TikTok makes it easy for users to see if other creators have used the audio that they wanted to use, Instagram is not known to have such a feature yet (Instagram said users "may" discover through sound, in the release). Additionally, Reels has an "align" feature that helps users to create seamless transition videos by aligning objects from a previous take. AR effects, Countdown timer, and video playback speed are some of the more TikTok like features that Reels borrow from its competitor.

      Image - Instagram Reels UI: Creation
      Sharing There are two ways to share Reels. The first way is to share it on the Instagram feed, which makes it visible to your followers only. The second way is to share it on "explore" where it will be accessible by a large number of people regardless of them following you. It is also noted that Reels follows the Instagram privacy policy, i.e., if you have your account set to 'private,' your Reels will be private too. This is good news for people who were into making TikTok videos just for fun and for killing time. The best feature about sharing Reels has to be the ability for users to change the cover picture for the video. Think of it as YouTube-like thumbnails for your videos!

      Image - Instagram Reels UI: Creation
      Viewing Users can easily watch Reels content from the "explore" tab. Instagram also mentioned that it will identify and feature some content on the explore page, which will boost the content's discoverability. It is an exciting addition to look out for on the contrary to TikTok.
      Reach and Discoverability: Algorithm Battle
      Have you noticed, when using TikTok, it automatically seems to understand what you would like to watch and recommends similar videos on your feed? This is where the power of the algorithm comes in. Some of the basic things that algorithms like these look at would be location, hashtags used, music choices, and videos you liked. Data from all of these interactions is collected to create a personalized feed for every unique user. According to TikTok, it not only tries to find content that you may be interested in but also filters content that you are most likely to dislike.
      Not much information is available for Instagram as of yet because of its very recent inception. We are likely to understand it better as more and more people begin to use it.
      Instagram Stories vs. Reels: **What's new?
      People might find themselves thinking, "well, we already had Instagram stories, why this?". Well, to answer that question, Instagram released Reels with a focus on the element of reach and discoverability. While your stories are limited to the people that follow you, the reach Reels can give you is massive. Unless you are already a popular influencer on Instagram who gets thousands of people following you, this is a potential weapon you can use to reach the status that you have always wanted. Reels is a dedicated space that mimics TikTok-like experience and potential for reach. To top it all off, Instagram Stories are not going to be featured by the company as Reels will be!
      What about Public Figures
      The Wall Street Journal noted that Facebook has made lucrative offers to popular TikTok content creators to start putting content up on Reels. This move, combined with all the TikTok controversies, is creating a prime environment for flocks of people using Reels. This is bound to increase the audience base and, thus, your prospects. This migration has already been noted looking at figures from Adweek, which shows a 5.6% decrease in the TikTok audience aged 18-24 years old. This age group contributed to the larger part of the audience that social media influencers create for. So if you are looking for popularity, you might want to consider giving Reels a shot!
      Why would you wait before switching?
      15-second video cap which is way shorter than TikTok's 60-second cap According to users, it lacks most of the filters and editing options available on TikTok Instagram only seems to 'feature' verified users or users who are already popular unlike TikTok No monetization tools as of yet and a thin brand value
      But money matters
      Digital marketing and online brand value is not a very strong commodity in Nepal as of now. Our market is relatively small, and every bit of ambassadorships are distributed among professionals. Opportunities for promotional content exist on a small scale; however, a 'brand value' is far from reality for social media influencers. With this proposition, it might not be such a bad thing to try out one's luck on Instagram Reels. There was a sizeable audience for Nepali content creators in India until the ban cut that off. Reels could be a way to reconnect to that audience and stack up more views. Given the cultural similarities, an audience from the neighboring giant isn't unlikely—more people, more potential for views, and thus more potential for brand value.
      TikTok's Retaliation
      As there have been speculations of a TikTok ban covering wider regions of the Globe starting with the United States of America, the company has been on the aggressive to try and defend itself and protect its user base. TikTok has filed a case against the Trump administration over data threat allegations. The company also said that they welcome any competition and remain positive that their app does it better than anyone when commenting on Instagram Reels. Considering that, it is safe to assume that TikTok is not going away anytime soon.

      A blessing: Open options for Nepali creators
      Nepali creators are pretty lucky considering the fact that they have the option of creating content for both platforms. Your TikToks can be posted on Reels and vice versa. This doesn't leave you to make a hard and fast choice contrary to your Indian or, potentially, American counterparts. With Reels yet to make its way into the Nepali social sphere, right now, TikTok is the way to go.
      We hope you have clarity about Instagram Reels and some aid in making a choice through this article. If you'd like to be a part of further discussion, or like your questions answered, make sure you join our FORUMS on cybernepal.com. Let us know if you are excited about Reels too!

    6. 5 Apps that will make your Student Life Easier

      Internet has boomed in the recent years in Nepal and has changed a lot of core things in our life. Education specially has evolved with high pace along with the internet mostly in the form of mobile or web applications. There are thousands of online study apps which try to make student life less stressful, easier and fun. We have selected some free applications that will be helpful in sorting out the messy life of college or school students.
      Maths! Well that’s a scary thing for many and a fun one for some. Mathway is an excellent mobile app that helps in problem-solving of mainly all kinds of mathematical questions regarding Basic Math, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Finite Math, Linear Algebra and Graphing. Best thing about this app is that we can just simply click the photo of the problem and it solves the question also showing some elaborate steps. Mathway is a very versatile app which has solutions to problems ranging from grade school to basic engineering math and hence it absolutely deserves the number one spot on our list.
      Features of Mathway:
      Library of all kinds of mathematical problems. Simple and easy interface. Elaborated steps of every solved problem. Platform: Android and iOS
      Similar App: Photo Math

      Coding is arguably the biggest achievement for mankind. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea though. Some find it jarring and boring. SoloLearn has loads of coding tutorials for every programming language. It also has some free courses on web development. It is a simple app that will help lots of student who find coding boring at college. For coding enthusiasts SoloLearn has a community hub where you can show off your coding and receive feedbacks from other “SoloLearners”.
      Features of SoloLearn:
      Vast and Elaborate Tutorial line-up. Inclusion of basic to high level programming language.  Active coding community. Easy execution of coding through mobile Platform: Android, iOS and Web 
      Similar App: Hackr.io

      This is probably the most innovative and unique app on this whole list. Forest is an app that keeps us focused and productive either on classroom or home-study. All of us have faced the situation where we badly want to check our phones while studying. It helps to alleviate that through a fun game that also helps for a social cause. Forest tries to force you to remain focused by growing a virtual tree. It takes thirty minutes to grow one tree which will then be added to your forest. But if you turn on your phone or visit the sites you blacklisted during that time then the tree will die. More trees you grow, you’ll be given coins and these coins are used to plant actual trees around the world. An app that furthers social cause and encourages us to stay focused and productive during study hours.
      Features of Forest:
      Fun way to stay focused. Helps further social cause of “Green Earth” Platform: Android, Web and iOS (paid $1.99)
      Similar App: SelfControl

      PDF files have become a standard for every text project and in institution’s home assignments as well. This is a very simple app that converts any photo into a PDF file.
      Features of Snap2PDF:
      Simple to use One click converter Share function to mail, cloud, etc. Easy Print Platform: Android, iOS (paid $1.99)
      Similar App: CamScanner
      This one is for the very serious learners. EdX is one of a kind in the whole online digital education area. It offers courses from actual colleges. The courses consist of engineering, programming, calculus, statistics, history and many others. It is useful for students who are looking to pursue higher education on their desired field and want to learn specific subjects to a certain degree.
      Features of EdX:
      Online and Offline Video Lectures Closer to real life learning Free courses even on rare subjects Platform: Android and iOS 
      Similar App: Khan Academy


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