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  • 5 Apps that will make your Student Life Easier

    Internet has boomed in the recent years in Nepal and has changed a lot of core things in our life. Education specially has evolved with high pace along with the internet mostly in the form of mobile or web applications. There are thousands of online study apps which try to make student life less stressful, easier and fun. We have selected some free applications that will be helpful in sorting out the messy life of college or school students.


    Maths! Well that’s a scary thing for many and a fun one for some. Mathway is an excellent mobile app that helps in problem-solving of mainly all kinds of mathematical questions regarding Basic Math, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Finite Math, Linear Algebra and Graphing. Best thing about this app is that we can just simply click the photo of the problem and it solves the question also showing some elaborate steps. Mathway is a very versatile app which has solutions to problems ranging from grade school to basic engineering math and hence it absolutely deserves the number one spot on our list.

    Features of Mathway:

    • Library of all kinds of mathematical problems.
    • Simple and easy interface.
    • Elaborated steps of every solved problem.

    Platform: Android and iOS

    Similar App: Photo Math




    Coding is arguably the biggest achievement for mankind. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea though. Some find it jarring and boring. SoloLearn has loads of coding tutorials for every programming language. It also has some free courses on web development. It is a simple app that will help lots of student who find coding boring at college. For coding enthusiasts SoloLearn has a community hub where you can show off your coding and receive feedbacks from other “SoloLearners”.

    Features of SoloLearn:

    • Vast and Elaborate Tutorial line-up.
    • Inclusion of basic to high level programming language. 
    • Active coding community.
    • Easy execution of coding through mobile

    Platform: Android, iOS and Web 

    Similar App: Hackr.io




    This is probably the most innovative and unique app on this whole list. Forest is an app that keeps us focused and productive either on classroom or home-study. All of us have faced the situation where we badly want to check our phones while studying. It helps to alleviate that through a fun game that also helps for a social cause. Forest tries to force you to remain focused by growing a virtual tree. It takes thirty minutes to grow one tree which will then be added to your forest. But if you turn on your phone or visit the sites you blacklisted during that time then the tree will die. More trees you grow, you’ll be given coins and these coins are used to plant actual trees around the world. An app that furthers social cause and encourages us to stay focused and productive during study hours.

    Features of Forest:

    • Fun way to stay focused.
    • Helps further social cause of “Green Earth”

    Platform: AndroidWeb and iOS (paid $1.99)

    Similar App: SelfControl




    PDF files have become a standard for every text project and in institution’s home assignments as well. This is a very simple app that converts any photo into a PDF file.

    Features of Snap2PDF:

    • Simple to use
    • One click converter
    • Share function to mail, cloud, etc.
    • Easy Print

    Platform: AndroidiOS (paid $1.99)

    Similar App: CamScanner



    This one is for the very serious learners. EdX is one of a kind in the whole online digital education area. It offers courses from actual colleges. The courses consist of engineering, programming, calculus, statistics, history and many others. It is useful for students who are looking to pursue higher education on their desired field and want to learn specific subjects to a certain degree.

    Features of EdX:

    • Online and Offline Video Lectures
    • Closer to real life learning
    • Free courses even on rare subjects

    Platform: Android and iOS 

    Similar App: Khan Academy



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    • Moderator
    4 minutes ago, avinash said:

    I personally use forest everyday. Helps me loads - I still am skeptical about the actual impact, but it feels good to have the environmental altruism which motivates me to work!

    When I "used to" study😅, was kind of addicted to this. Like you said, its a feel good thing really.  SelfControl helped me more but Forest was more fun.

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    i am actually wondering, how you guys have patience to have game like "forest". i would have uninstalled if it starts to destroy the tree i made while using apps which i programmed to black listed. 🤣

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