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  • 5 exciting things to look out for in PUBG Mobile Season 14

    Gaming has become this global phenomenon lately blooming every single day. RPG, strategy, and FPS games like PUBG, COD, Dota are gaining popularity among the players. Console and PC games have garnered many fans since their inception. Similarly, mobile gaming has taken the gaming world by storm with the easy availability of games at everyone’s disposal. COD Mobile and PUBG mobile are examples of sensation in mobile gaming, with the latter being more popular. PUBG has created its huge fan base all around, which infuses the blend of FPS and survival into one. With the perks of various unlock-able and custom skins, like the previous season, PUBG has recently launched its latest Season 14 on July 14, 2020. Just like you, we at Cybernepal are also excited for Season 14 of PUBG mobile and the perks it brings with the Royale Pass. Let’s discuss what’s new in this season.

    What’s new in Season 14?


    Royale Pass

    Just like previous seasons, this one also includes the three passes namely Free Pass, Elite Pass, and Elite Plus Pass. As the name suggests, the free pass is free to collect to all the players but has limited RP points and perks. The latter two comes with a price tag of 600 UC and 1800 UC, respectively. Elite Pass costs around NRs. 1200 and Elite Plus pass costs around NRs. 3000. You might ask why should I buy the Royale Pass. Well, to answer your question, first of all, it provides you with the opportunity to access better rewards. Secondly, it will help you push your ranks faster than other players to ensure you remain at the top.


    The main theme of this season is “Spark the Flame” so you might have guessed from the title itself. Yes, there is plenty of fire inspired items and cosmetics in this season. Items like Rose Unicorn Helmet, Commander Outfit, and Avian Tyrant set are available to unlock only when you reach level 100.


    We will see the comeback of rewards featured in season 5, Roaring Dragon sets and Dragon Hunter-themed rewards. Other items like vehicle and gun skin, emotes, airplane finish, helmets, etc. will be available to all players. For this, you need to rank up to certain levels in the Royale Pass.

    maxresdefault-1-1.jpgSubscription Plan

    For this season, PUBG mobile has collaborated with Google Pay to bring the new monthly, and yearly subscription plans; RP Prime and RP Prime Plus. RP Prime costs roughly around NRs. 600 and includes 300 UC vouchers. Similarly, the RP Prime costs roughly around NRs.1500 and includes 900 UC voucher, which is redeemable for in-game purchases. These plans do support monthly, quarterly as well as yearly subscription plans. The yearly subscription plan costs roughly around NRs. 6700 and contains all the above features and perks of monthly RP Prime at an affordable rate. All these plans include extra perks like redemption discounts, Airplane ranking display perks, and various RP crate perks. Sadly this plan is only available currently for android users, and the PUBG team is having talks to include it into the ios platform as well.

    New Updates

    With the season 14, PUBG also dropped its latest update of 0.19.0 which includes Livik Map only limited to PUBG mobile. This new map with size 2 *2 kilometers is the smallest map and will consist of only 52 players for the battle to glory. The other update includes Bonfire mode gameplay, where players can unlock supplies by igniting the small statues. Also, other update includes P90 sub-machinegun, Mk12 marksman rifle, and Monster Truck vehicle.




    Bonus Feature

    If you desire to own a free Elite Royale Pass for next season, there is a fix. All you need to do is to be sure to complete all the elite missions this season. After you complete all the missions, you will collect just enough UC to purchase the Elite Royale Pass for next season. There is also a bonus challenge tournament where collected battle points are redeemable to UC. With the introduction of this new season, players are thrilled to collect their season passes and get the best out of this season. Hope everyone is pushing their ranks by completing their missions and collecting RP to reach the top tier.

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