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  • Tesla Model X : Is it for Nepal ?

    Tesla, the electric car manufacturing giant, is a household name for most of Europe and North America. Since Tesla's first release, The Roadster 2008, which was the first highway legal all-electric car, Tesla has proven that they are in the market to stay and outclass every other automotive company. Their cars have always been superior to others in terms of energy efficiency, handling, speed, and safety. This means their cars are ahead in every essential front a car has to be great at. The Model X is arguably the finest SUV built by Tesla. It has set a benchmark for every other electric and even non-electric cars in the industry. After being stuck in customs for a very long time due to the Nepal Government regulations, Model X has finally entered the not-so-beautiful roads of our country. Tesla X We should also keep in mind that this is a privately ordered vehicle and not something bought via a car dealership. That being said, a Tesla dealership showroom is currently under-construction in Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu. Model X is an excellent SUV for most of the world but what about Nepal? Is such an all-electric car viable? This is a heavily featured car with very advanced tech. Are these features even useful in the context of Nepal? Is the structure and build suitable for our bumpy roads? Is it worth the extravagant price? What is the significance of an all-electric and that too a Tesla coming to Nepal? Well, let's find out how the Model X realistically fares in Nepal.


    936127a71549b5f7402a6eaee411cbf5.jpg Model X's design is based on "Simplicity is Beauty." Nothing looks over the top or fancy, and it looks as elegant as cars can get. It's a head-turner on the road for sure. LED headlights and fog lights look smooth, small, and simple. The talking point of Model X on the front end is the unique-looking panoramic windshield, which is said to be the largest in any vehicle available on the market. This is extremely useful in Nepal as the traffic here is ugly, and we will benefit from the wide driving view. Another masterstroke of the Tesla Model X comes with its wheels. It comes in two variations, the 20 incher or the 22. Large-diameter wheels and tires improve handling, high-speed performance, and firmness which is something every car driver all over will appreciate wholly. It also has two individual rear-seat sunroofs. Is sunroof ideal here for our country? Straight No. Open the sunroof on the roads of Nepal, and the whole interior will be filled with dust in mere seconds.


    42377_Tesla_model_x_P100D_3.jpg Length          :  5036.82 mm/ 198.3 inches                                                                                                                                                                                    Wheelbase  :  2964.18 mm/116.7 inches   The length is one of the main distracting factors, Tesla Model X has in the context of Nepal. It's a very long SUV. One of the most common compact-SUV in Nepal is the Hyundai Creta, which is 4300 mm long. The long length of Model X calls for a larger turning radius meaning Model X is quite hard to maneuver on the not-so-wide roads of our country. Height    : 1676.4 mm / 66.0 inches The Model X can be tuned to have up to 228.6 mm of ground clearance. This is a very reassuring number looking at the big holes and the deep puddles on our roads.


    2019_tesla_model-x_4dr-suv_performance_f "Teslas fly." Every car reviewer says the same thing, and Model X is no different. It gets from 0-60 mph (0-96.56 kph) in just 4.4 seconds. The Performance model is even better, clocking only 2.7 seconds. This is an SUV that weighs over 2495 kilograms! On top of that, Model X has a top speed of 155 mph (249.448 kph). Amazing performance, right? Is it ideal in Nepal, though? Except for the highways, this is not practical. Also, why would anyone take the Model X on highways where there are no charging stations? So the performance front of this car is completely irrelevant in Nepal as of the current state.

    Energy Consumption/Mileage

    The most common question of every average Nepali while buying any vehicle is, "What's the mileage?" It is also the point where Model X is most relevant in our country. Model X is an all-electric car and hence promotes zero use of fuel. So there is no any unnecessary tension regarding fuel shortage, price increments, etc. Also, a person using electric means of transportation does not promote road pollution at all. That is something to be proud of in the current situation. Tesla Model X has a battery of 100 kilowatts. On a full charge, it runs near about 561 kilometers. On a charging station, it will take about 90 minutes for a full charge, whereas, on an average Nepali home, Model X will take a massive 30 hours to get fully charged. A hassle for sure, but a much better alternative to highly expensive fuels. This alone makes Model X the one to watch out for in Nepal.

    Interior/Tech Inside the Model X

    tesla-model-x-interior-colors-26459759.j Model X has a futuristic-looking interior as expected. 17 inches vertical display on the center-front looks fantastic and is practical. Almost everything is doable with the huge center console. The system features Google Maps, Bluetooth, USB connectivity, access to satellite radio but also misses out on very basic features like Android Auto and Apple Car-Play. Voice-control is also present and can be useful in busy roads where you can't take your eyes off for a second. The name Tesla has become synonymous with advanced car technology, and the Model X as an SUV is critically acclaimed by the European and North American market heavily due to the tech inside the car. The most talked-about feature of Model X is, of course, the Self-Driving tech with semi-autonomous highway driving, automatic lane changes, and an automated parking and summoning function. All of the above features are completely useless in most of South-East Asia and not only Nepal because the roads here are not updated and mapped out correctly in any of the world navigation systems. Is this Tesla's fault, though? Not at all. This is to be blamed entirely upon our incompetent government.

    PRICE of Model X

    The price of the Tesla Model X puts off every average Nepali. Its price hasn't officially been revealed, but it's estimated to be around 3-4 crores with custom expenses and taxes. It doesn't help either as current electric cars in the market like Hyundai Kona and Kia Niro are much more affordable. Let's hope that with the official opening of a Tesla dealership, the price will be much lower and we'll also see a lot more Tesla cars in the market for the good of the environment and even for the government to realize that electric vehicles are the future and they should support the innovation.

    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    My POV : I don't think so. First of all, there won't be that many superchargers around or any at all because not all people cant buy a $100000+ car (it will probably have more because of taxes and stuff). So you'll have to charge at your own home. That's not that bad as it will have around 500 miles on it per full charge so you don't wanna go on long trips with it. That's still do-able you might think but the biggest issue I want to raise is about the roads here. This car isn't built for off-roading, which are almost all the roads of Nepal. Unlike Toyota, Suzuki, etc. who manufacture their cars focusing on the kind of roads of India (whose roads are super similar to Nepal), Tesla built this car focusing on developed nations like The US, The UK, etc. So the car is gonna have a hard time on our roads. So if this car comes to Nepal, I don't think the public will bother with it.

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