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  • 6 promising Nepali Startups to lookout for in 2020

    We all know this is an ever-changing field of science and technology. Amidst this, many new companies have started their venture with the utmost passion and dedication. But only ones who remain consistent with their persevere, stay in business while others perish. The term Start-Up acknowledges such fledgling companies with innovative ideas and enthusiasm to bring a change in the industry. The global pandemic COVID-19 outbreak took a massive toll on human life. This was later followed by lock-down in various countries, which severely affected the global economy. In these dire situations, it is the utmost challenge to thrive and survive in this market. Even though 2020 has already become a challenge for us, few companies audaciously have ventured into the market. Here we list some of the promising startups' companies in Nepal for 2020.

    The Mint Studio

    20200803_010834.jpg The Mint Studio is a lifestyle brand with its outlet located in Jhamsikhel. Known for their trendy appeals, they believe in brand retention and quality. They provide excellent customer service and also guarantee comfort on their products. It was founded by 5 Kathmandu based youngsters to promote Nepali products. The Mint Studio has broadened its spectrum of products from apparel to home decor and lifestyle products. They have a vision of breaking the preconceived notion that Nepali products are expensive. A collaborative effort has also been initiated between The Mint Studio and White Lotus Craft, which is associated with women empowerment. It frequently organizes skill training programs like garment making. Primarily focusing on marginalized women, their goal is to make them independent. With this collaboration, The Mint Studio is equally trying to give back to the community. This startup is definitely to watch out for in 2020.


    20200803_011155.jpg As the name suggests, Dulwa is all about providing information to travelers about Nepal's famous trekking destinations. Initiated by the desire of a common man to travel, Nipun Shakya founded it. Dulwa advocates about giving information about the unexplored traveling destination to foreign tourists. They have a team that provides the travel-related content to the central team. The central team compiles them and put it out to the world to explore. What makes Dulwa a startup to watch is their vision and the possibility. Grounded in the Nepali roots, this company can take local startups to a global scale. Dulwa is moving along with the vision to solve the problems faced by travelers in their journey in Nepal. Additionally, Dulwa also won first prize in the 4th National Social Business Challenge 2019. As a result, they got a chance to pitch their idea on the World Innovation Forum, Switzerland.

    ATM Pharmacy

    20200803_011355.jpg ATM Pharmacy is an online-based medical store. It not only delivers medicines door to door but also does so at a very reasonable rate. ATM Pharmacy acknowledges and abides by global GPP (Good Pharmacy Practice). To provide and serve people with their required prescriptions, this startup thrives. Along with medicines, they also provide services like Supplements, Ayurvedic Medicine, Personal grooming care, Medical devices, surgical items, etc. The service of "Cash on Delivery" option is one of the features that makes this company popular. Their service is based on both web and the mobile application making it efficient. What makes this startup a one to look out for in 2020 is the need for delivery service for essentials like medicine. While many of us are inside our home, finding and buying necessary medicines could be a hassle. ATM Pharmacy, with its online and delivery service, could be a great startup ahead.

    Chalchitra TV

    20200803_012356.jpg Chalchitra TV is a streaming OTT platform that promises to provide great Nepali content. This project was to be launch Dashain, but to cash on the lock-down created by ongoing pandemic, the team decided to release this project sooner. This startup focuses on providing Nepali content to all the people around the globe. The app is available for ios and android as well as for web version. Movie lovers can now rent their favorite movies and watch at their comfort. They have even plans to premiere new Nepali movies in the future. Famous actress Reecha Sharma and her friends from the U.S have come up with this idea of providing entertainment through OTT. Currently, three full feature movies Chakka Panja 3, Chha Maya Chappakai, and Dal Bhat Tarkari are available for rent. They promise to bring more Nepali movies and authentic Nepali content in the future. We hope this brings revolution in OTT contents based on organic Nepali content.

    Yatri Motorcycles

    20200803_011942-1.jpg This is the world of EV (Electric Vehicle). EVs are the future of automotive and sustainable automobile transmission. Yatri Motorcycle is one of the independent startups, which is building a custom EV. They are targeting potential Nepali consumers for possible sales. Asim Pandy is the leader and founder of this group of young entrepreneurs. Yatri Motorcycle promises to provide cutting edge technology with modern looks and favorable to Nepali road. Trying to break the stereotype of motorbikes, Yatri dreams of bringing a revolution in the commuter segment. This sleek and aesthetic looking motorbike was revealed on a vlog of famous you-tuber Sisan Baniya around 7 months ago.


    20200803_012801.jpg UGBazaar is an online market place providing various types of products ranging from cakes to mascara. Nikita Acharya and Kiran Timsina are the two young entrepreneurs who came up with this startup idea. They were able to name themselves in the Forbes under 30 list for Asia. UG Bazaar is the juxtaposition of UG Cakes and Urban Girl, previous startups of the team. Previously this startup was only limited to cakes delivery via UG Cakes and girl items like cosmetics via Urban Girl. Now, this business model of combining everything in a single marketplace is quite a good idea. Not only this, at the market place at UG Bazaar, people can create individual ids and interact like social platforms. This makes it more interactive and social. UG Bazaar is available on both web version as well as a mobile application.


    The ones discussed above are just a few examples of potential startups from Nepal. In conclusion, many entrepreneurs are turning their effort and hard work into a business model. Given a platform for Nepali products, these startups also hold huge responsibilities and a great future. Cybernepal team wishes all the best for their future endeavors.

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