[SOLVED] Concerned about CN old role ?

Is it okay to reassign old roles to old members ?

  • Yes

    Votes: 6 66.7%
  • No

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Oct 7, 2019
First of all, i would like to say, Welcome back CN.
I am wondering about the CN old role. As different roles had been assigned to certain members as per their contributions and consistency of being with CN, are you willing to give back those old roles to the old members or is completely reset ?
As you know that, CN role is earned and i believe that, it is better to respect that role and assign as per their role.
Starting from beginning is nice and i am not against it, but if you assign back those roles, that would be nice.

Personally, i was cybermencer of CN. Begining from start is not any problem for me and it won't also. When i get into CN now, i just felt like, i had a role and i lost it. Similarly, other cybermencers would also feel like that.
So taking those words, resetting of website is one point but resetting of earned roles is not kinda good. As for now, it's up to you and your decision.

Again, glad to see you CN. 😊😊


Staff member
Sep 24, 2019
Everyone, thank you for supporting CN.. yes, CN$ was fun, and that's the reason why we introduced it in our earlier version, but it got awful for us to keep up with.

We have given away thousands of dollars in giveaways last time...

while we loved doing that but at the same time, it was misused and created too much load for us to handle.. especially when we had hundreds of winners claiming and some even abusing and scamming...

That's why the site was abandoned for a while.. but i didn't want to lose hope for CN.. and due to popular requests from our members I thought of resuming CN back so CN is back.. the giveaways are back too but it won't be like last time.. our goal is to create a very active community of tech enthusiasts gamers and give something back to the community

That's why we're doing giveaways if it was to promote our site and community we could use the budget creating quality content and promoting it using various platforms.. that doesn't mean we won't do that. we have plans for that too..but at the same time if our loyal members want to help us grow, be a part of the family we want to give back to them.. that's why we do giveaways and we plan to become the only giveaway site in Nepal who actually do fair giveaways and things that you can't even imagine someone would do in Nepal.

Like take last time example, we gave away over a thousand dollars in just one day and thousands of dollars during that phase.. we didn't abandon the site because we wanted to.. we did it because most people weren't supportive and patience enough

We have a lot of planned this time and it's only possible with your support ...just wait, have patience, keep following and keep supporting... keep maintaining an active community but at the same time.. if giveaways create us only spam, then we might limit the giveaways to a group of people that support us...

Giveaways or not, our goal is to create a fabulous platform for our country that's made for the community and it's only possible if you support us genuinely.

And Regarding the roles we have plans for that.. keep contributing, for now.
Sep 26, 2019
yes giveaway or not, will do all the best i can give help n support tht i can give to all members here. will do my best to keep all the tech help or other help tht i know abt.. Will help with all info i have n learn so far...