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Oct 9, 2019
Fantech MK871 TKL Mechanical keyboard
The Fantech's Pantheon Mk871 mechanical keyboard has won my heart as per the mechanical keys lover it is available in two different switches​
  • Blue switch (The Clicky one)
  • Brown switch(The Silent one)871.5.jpg
Doesn't matter which switch you get because you can easily unplug with the help of switch puller (included) and replace it.​
  • My honest review it has satisfied me on both the quality and comfort.
  • Product pricing might differ from shops to shops ( the official Fantechnepal offers you at higher price 😑)
  • It includes keycap puller(made with plastic), and switch puller( made with metal)
  • Cables were just important as keyboard it self and it comes with medium thick Braided cable
  • Ten key less (TKL) 87 total keys were my first impression because I don't remember when I have used the numpad. mk871.jpg
  • Which makes it more compact small , easy for travel , and perfect for small desk like mine.
  • And yeah the software customization and all antighosting keys are best to have while gaming.871.6.jpg
  • No need to be afraid of water and dust , game eat repeat .
  • Adjustable heights and underneath cable management is what I needed.871.4.jpg
  • Let's talk about it's price , In Nepali market you can find at around rs4k-4.5k totally depends upon you bargaining skill cause the official MSRP of it is Nepali around 3.5k so 4k is reasonableScreenshot_20191009-014058.png448000rp =3595.40 rs
  • Also I like that blue Clicky should but it is not cherry mx blue , I went with brown switch soft and noise similar or less than membrane keyboard except you can still feel the mechanical switch.
Official video by fantech (Click here)
And I wanna say, don't buy it online , take your time and visit nearby dealer.​
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