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  2. I'm really sorry but this is the funniest thread I've read so far lol.
  3. Everton Draw Manchester Utd Arsenal Tottenham Draw Draw Leicester Sheffield Utd Manchester City
  4. Everton Leeds Manchester Utd Arsenal Tottenham Newcastle Chelsea Leicester Sheffield Utd Manchester city
  5. I just feel like it's a less conversed about topic. So here are my thoughts on it after extensive literature review and critical analysis. Every now and then many journal articles and websites look at the way in which gaming has affected the industry. As the gaming industry continues to extend its reach, there is one thing that has gone alongside; its tendency to attract moral panics. A video game is defined as “a game which we play thanks to an audiovisual apparatus and which can be based on a story” (Esposito, 2005). The amount of scientific research devoted towards video games p
  6. Today
  7. Everton Leeds Draw Arsenal Tottenham Brighton Chelsea Leicester City Shefield Manchester City
  8. Everton Leeds Manchester Utd Arsenal Draw Newcastle Chelsea Draw Sheffield Utd Manchester City
  9. i am sorry. but why dont you reinstall and use the lowest settings? it may work. ( really sorry brother)
  10. timro reply le uninstalll garera aai sake yrr !!!
  11. why dont you try to play in 1024 resolution and 720p settings. It somehow worked for me .
  12. ahh tei k pheonix os halau vane wifi nai connet hudeina vanya !!
  13. I know nothing about football but sth about adding games to the library is ecstatic.
  14. I have already added to my library. will play it after upgrading my pc
  15. For all the fans of FM, its going on sale for free on epic games store get it before it expires.
  16. Currently its not initiated and after the implementation you can click the bank option in payment method then you should provide the details of your bank including your account number. And you can withdraw after the minimum threshold completion
  17. thats a very good news. btw how do you connect adsense account with bank accounts in Nepal? would you mind describing about it. i googled about it but i didnot understand😅
  18. haina multiple ticket le ta chance badhxa I get it but like 2 ta winner ma both eautai manxe huna sakla ta??? just cause he got two tickets??? OOOF~! Feels bad mate oooof~! Good luck to both of us aru koi le join garena vane aadhi aadhi hunxa😂😂😂😂
  19. 2 ota tickets is just for increasing your chances win on of them. Sorry to say 1 person can't win both of them. and I ain't any better bro we all the same grinding for the same thing. I also needed a mouse last month had to sell my csgo inventory to get one....😔
  20. nice question hai, aba yo raffle ko software backend lay banako ho so i guess that might not be possible but multiple ticket surely will increase the chance to win the giveaway. but since the requirement is added in the raffle only the deserving people can aprticipate so its a win win situation for the weekly giveaway
  21. Nepal Rastra Bank has made arrangements to deposit the income from social media like YouTube in Nepal's bank account. NRB has prepared to transfer foreign currency from abroad to Nepal through online financial services including e-commerce. NRB is issuing notices to banks and financial institutions, to operate licensed payment system and payment service provider. This will be really big help for youtubers or bloggers from Nepal like me. All your hard work money can be directly withdrawn in Nepali Banks. Anyone working on related field?
  22. the specs of this tab is good but i dont know why i dont trust samsung phones and tabs too much. i have a very bad experience with samsung. btw what will be its price? any idea ?
  23. Yea it was okay for me after i started to use branded earphones. Dad and mom are always protective, we have to respect that.
  24. I have original earphones but whenever my dad sees me wearing earphones while charging the laptop i get scolded
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