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10000 CN$

COMPLETED Special 2020 Event - Gaming PC Giveaway

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Giveaway Setting

Tickets per member Number of participants Content count Reputation points/likes Number of days as member Minimum age User groups
3 Unlimited No restriction No restriction No restriction No restriction All Groups

If you have watched the premiere on Youtube and if you are trying to figure out on how to participate on this giveaway, you've come to the right page..

What will you get in this giveaway ?

I am sure you already know it but let me list out the components of this RIG for you.

  • Ryzen 5 2600
  • Asus Strix B450-F Gaming
  • Corsair VENGEANCE LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz
  • MSI Radeon™ Radeon RX 570 ARMOR 8G OC
  • Antec 550 Watt PSU
  • Fatench Gaming Case

How to Participate ?

Participation is similar to all other giveaways that we already have been doing. All you need to do is buy the giveaway ticket and you are good to go. One lucky winner among the participants will be awarded with this PC. One can buy a maximum of 3 tickets. The more number of tickets you have, the more probability to win the giveaway.


How much would a giveaway ticket cost you?

10,000 CN$


But, you don't have enough CN$,do you ??

Don't worry, we provide you enough ways to earn more CN$. If you are new to the site and are still wondering what this thing is, i suggest you to read this and learn further about Cyber Nepal.

But for our regular CNers , here are few ongoing competitions and events happening at CN to rack up few more CN$. Click on events listed below for further details. 

1) Meme the Moment - September Meme Contest - Win Up to 1150 CN$

2) CN September Rig Showdown - Win Up To 1150 CN$

3) CN Fantasy Premiere League - Win upto 64,000 CN$

4)  PUBG Mobile Daily Custom Room


Also, you can always earn CN$ by logging in daily and by helping out each other in our forums. 

Not to forget we also award the best contributors of the day with 100/50/25 CN$. Click here to see today's leaderboard.

Post great topics and get rewarded with 1000 CN$ daily . Click here to know further about CN Post of the day.

So, buckle up and lets grind CN$ 😄


Why Postponed ?
When we restarted the journey of CN, we had a vision - and we thought everyone would help us achieve it. Some have stayed with us all along, but we were left mid-way by many. We cannot keep hold of everyone but we thought we would have many of our beloved CNers stick with us.  However, here we are with only a handful of posts a day, and lesser number of active users in the site.  We still have not lost our hope though, and are trying day and night to make the CN community a better one for all of us. We are in a state of massive overhaul of our site. We are trying to make it more user-friendly and i am sure everyone would love it! Hence, we are postponing this competition for a couple of months for now. This Gaming Rig Giveaway would be a stepping stone for our CNers in what's next to come after our massive update. We hope to see more participants than what we have currently. I hope our members would be the ones boasting us to do more, as currently we seriously need some pumping  up from you guys.
Also, this is a great opportunity for our new crew members to buckle up that CN$ and participate in this gaming rig giveaway.



Giveaway Setting

  • Tickets per member 3
  • Number of participants Unlimited
  • Content count No restriction
  • Reputation points/likes No restriction
  • Number of days as member No restriction
  • Minimum age No restriction
  • User groups All Groups

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57 minutes ago, CrazyGeek said:

Sick giveaway🔥, Idk if I can earn cn$10000 tho 😅

idk if I will have enough for the weekly giveaway and CN talm bout 10k

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  • Super Administrator
14 hours ago, CrazyGeek said:

Sick giveaway🔥, Idk if I can earn cn$10000 tho 😅

Just today you can earn up to $2k, with all the events you can earn that amount in no time..

13 hours ago, Ramdai said:

idk if I will have enough for the weekly giveaway and CN talm bout 10k

You will have, we'll have lots of events going on where you can earn bonus CN$ just today you can get 2k CN$...

take it as this way, the CN$ you earn through the activities could be used for daily/weekly giveaways where the CN$ you gain from events can be saved up for those bigger giveaways and CN Shop items

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