Furio 》 Pratik

April 30



  1. 5


    All hail, Lieutnant of CN world. Here are 5 bronze trophies for your service!
  2. 10

    Twin Silver Heart

    My My! Double Glory with Twin Silver Heart!! You have fans
  3. 10

    Silver Heart

    Another Silver Heart for you, Enchanter! You are seriously likeable!!
  4. 5

    The Postbox

    Look at you, Post Box!!! You are stamping away messages and reached 100. Make sure you scoop in your CN$ 500 award!
  5. 5

    Plated Silver Heart

    Wohohoooo! The world seems to be enchanted with you, O Mighty Enchanter!
  6. 5

    Bronze Heart

    Congratulations for the Bronze Heart. You seem to have quite a fan base!!
  7. 5

    Scroll Master

    Tell us all you secret, Scroll Master. How do you get so amazing posts? Tell us all your secret as we give you CN$500.
  8. 5

    Copper Heart

    Terrific! Here is your Copper Heart!
  9. 5

    Scroll Collector

    Woah!!! Scroll Collector, or Coin Collector as now you are awarded more CN$500?
  10. 1


    Welcome abroad, Novice! Now your journey at Cyber Nepal begins. Keep coming back for more gold!
  11. 1

    Treasure Box

    Open Your First Treasure Box!!! You surely are RICH!!
  12. 1

    Steel Heart

    Your messages have been positively reacted to 25 times.
  13. 1

    Super Scroller

    You are now super rich, Super Scroller, with 10 posts and more CN$ 200.
  14. 1

    Iron Heart

    Damn! How many hearts are you winning to get this IRON HEART? A lil' bird says, FIVE!!!
  15. 5

    Faceless Men Brooch

  16. 1

    Paper Heart

    Hey Charmer, somebody likes you! You have a PAPER HEART to add to your collection now!
  17. 1

    Scroll Fist

    You have now unlocked 'Scroll Fist' with all the posting. Enjoy CN$200.
  18. 1

    First Scroll

    Yooowhoo! You stamped and sealed your FIRST SCROLL!! And with it, you get CN$ 200. Spend it wisely, Scroller!
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