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  1. It has been rumoured the launch of Indian version since a very long time and I have seen that many Indian youtubers are using this news to milk views and audiences. I have even seen famous Indian youtubers making 2-3 videos a day about when the game is coming and doing livestreams my just mentioning "It will be launched tomorrow, but I am not sure" haha. In my personal opinion, the players and audience of PUBG Mobile are really toxic (it doesn't apply to all of them). They don't respect anyone and think that they are really superior than others (narcissist). So I don't play PUBG Mobile an
  2. Congratulations to the CNx team and also all the members of CyberNepal. It is really a proud moment for all of us.
  3. If you need simple note taking app with solid encryption then I prefer Standard Notes
  4. Your question is quite interesting, in foreign countries VoLTE calls are free (as I mentioned in article like viber and skype) because in foreign countries the mobile data is much cheaper than the call rate so the people will use mobile data and call through messaging app rather than using the 4G calls which declined their profit rate and usage. Hence, it is free in foreign countries. Now in Nepal the mobile data prices are really high we have use different packages just to use facebook and youtube so I don't think it will be free of cost and I also don't think that they will increase the
  5. Most of the countries have this feature as it enable the user to make phone calls in high quality i.e. the voice sounds clear if we use the VoLTE feature. VoLTE works the same way like Viber, Skype but you can call using your own number through 4G. Since the 4G coverage is available in 77 districts of Nepal, they are preparing to launch the VoLTE service. Nepal is really late at this game as our neighboring country are already using these features and other additional features like VoWiFi but better late than never. The calling system right now is unstable there is constant disconn
  6. A really thorough article about share market, thank you for the knowledge and hats off to your effort
  7. I was a long time whatsapp user, I have been using it before facebook occupied it and I was really unhappy to know that facebook bought it as I have privacy concerns and now this update in terms really pissed me off it's time to leave whatsapp now. I will even convience my friends and family members to use Signal messaging app.
  8. If android phone removes charger from it's box then it is okay as every android phone now use USB type-c and it is available at every household so we don't even need new charger but it's different in Apples case because it's not Type-C and even if the charger is damaged we can't find it easily we have to buy another charger with another package or box (talking about e-waste here)
  9. Any idea on when this payment will be released?
  10. Force stop app, then clear data and cache of google play store. This works for me all the time
  11. I think most of the users are from smartphones because it's free on play store and supports cross platform that's why it's really popular
  12. Maybe they have a bad cooling system and that heat is used to make your chicken hot 😂😂😂
  13. Crystal Palace Southampton Everton Fulham Brighton Leicester City ManUnited Aston Villa Burnley West Ham
  14. Good to see Discord server getting love that it deserves

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