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  1. It's really heartbreaking to hear this news. I started following CN after I saw a PC build video, I was really happy because it was first video done by Nepali people with such a great quality. I joined cybernepal website very long time ago and was really impressed by the idea about featuring tech news and a hub where we can share tips and tricks, ask questions and clear our doubts. It's really disheartening that CyberNepal is ending but I really hope that they will not close their youtube, insta and Facebook page and will be active their with more contents because I want more of CyberNepal. Th
  2. Brave, a browser based on chromium web browser developed by Brave Software Inc. , claims to be most fast and privacy oriented browser and is available on almost every platform. It blocks ads and trackers by default and also give rewards to the user in cryptocurrency in the form of BAT which can be stored or donated to your favorite creator. By visiting their website, we can get a clear idea that they are competing with google to provide better and privacy oriented web surfing experience where the users will not be tracked. They have seceded in a way but the default web search engine o
  3. There are various ways to speed up Ubuntu or make it fast (but I believe Ubuntu is already really smooth and fast) 1. Remove unwanted apps: You might have a lot of applications installed in your system which might use up your cpu or RAM so removing them would be the first best thing 2. Give more space for SWAP partition: SWAP is just like an alternative to your RAM which is made in your Hard Disk. If you have opened a lot of application then bits and parts of your application is stored in SWAP to load fast. I usually multiply my RAM size by 2 to keep SWAP partition. For eg. If
  4. Rabi Lamichhane, a renowned news reporter and many people's messiah, launched his own TV Channel named as Galaxy TV. On 26th February, 2021 a special unveiling program was organized where they revealed a new TV channel and they claim that this will the first TV channel to be 4K in Nepal named 'Galaxy 4K'. In a developing country like Nepal, only few channels are upgraded to HD, operating a 4K TV channel requires a lot of capital, equipment and technically competent manpower. Some of the shows that will be aired in Galaxy 4k are Crime Patrol Nepal, Ko Bacha Crorepati, Ramayana, SaReGaMa
  5. To everyone following this thread, it has been launched in Nepal. Please check playstore 😁😁
  6. Man City Brighton Aston Villa Newcastle Crystal Palace Leicester Spurs Man Utd Liverpool Everton Man City Leicester Aston Villa Crystal Palace Spurs West Brom Chelsea
  7. I am really happy that Spotify is coming to Nepal. Along with expansion, they also announced that they are going to add HiFI audio quality known as "Spotify HiFi". The music quality is totally tremendous in HiFi and I am so glad that they are now including this. Let's hope that international payment and spotify gets launch at the same time so we can enjoy premium in Nepal!!!
  8. Liverpool Crystal Palace Mancity Aston Villa Southampton Man United Arsenal Everton Sheffield Newcastle Burnley Everton
  9. Sheffield Arsenal Man United Newcastle Mancity Leicester Leeds Aston Villa Liverpool Spurs
  10. Airtel, one of the largest telecom operator in India, has successfully demonstrated 5G network live in Hyderabad and it became the first Indian Telecom to carry out this test. According to the CEO of Airtel, Gopal Vittal, due to lack of band spectrum they demonstrated the test using Dynamic Spectrum Sharing. It means that they used the same spectrum used by 4G to operate the 5G network in 1800MHz. Now, Airtel is waiting for the government authorization to allocate mid-band spectrum for 5G network, after getting the permission all Indians will be able experience 5G service conveniently.
  11. Newcastle Crystal Palace ManCity West Brom Man United Southampton Burnley Leicester Liverpool Spurs
  12. It has been rumoured the launch of Indian version since a very long time and I have seen that many Indian youtubers are using this news to milk views and audiences. I have even seen famous Indian youtubers making 2-3 videos a day about when the game is coming and doing livestreams my just mentioning "It will be launched tomorrow, but I am not sure" haha. In my personal opinion, the players and audience of PUBG Mobile are really toxic (it doesn't apply to all of them). They don't respect anyone and think that they are really superior than others (narcissist). So I don't play PUBG Mobile an
  13. Congratulations to the CNx team and also all the members of CyberNepal. It is really a proud moment for all of us.
  14. If you need simple note taking app with solid encryption then I prefer Standard Notes
  15. Your question is quite interesting, in foreign countries VoLTE calls are free (as I mentioned in article like viber and skype) because in foreign countries the mobile data is much cheaper than the call rate so the people will use mobile data and call through messaging app rather than using the 4G calls which declined their profit rate and usage. Hence, it is free in foreign countries. Now in Nepal the mobile data prices are really high we have use different packages just to use facebook and youtube so I don't think it will be free of cost and I also don't think that they will increase the

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