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  1. Well I don't game in "my" laptop cuz it can't even handle chrome properly but the laptop I play with has 8 gigs of RAM, Intel i5 300U and Intel HD 5500
  2. Same the laptop I use to play it also overheats On the contrary, I think that mobiles will be powerful enough to play next gen games in the next 5 years, and I hope that GPUs aren't only which come with the CPU. I think they'll be just like laptops, some come with on board graphics and others come with mobile GPUs. Hope Nvidia and Radeon will pull that off
  3. I think note 8 is pretty good actually and no, the beta hasn't started. Just some leaks
  4. Nope, LoL hasn't been released yet but you can pre-register for it on Google play store, here is the link
  5. Yea that makes sense, Nepal ma ta it's really hard searching for a renter so the software calibrator suggestion totally makes sense. Its just a hassle that's really hard to go through. My brother is a professional graphic designer so I can ask him which one he used and how. I'll post his response in the reply of this post
  6. So some of us probably guessed it right at the beta period of Valorant, mainly seeing the revenue developers are generating from releasing their PC apps to phones, it was a safe bet that it would likely happen. Code leak This topic comes up every once in a while, mainly after major patches. This time players uncovered a string of code reading : "Action to perform when double tapping on the right hand side of the screen". Okay, it's not much of a proof stating that they are working on a mobile app but it might be a slight hint that Riot is working in the mobile UI of the game. There a
  7. Why is that unnecessary? I think they are asking that to see if you wrote professionally and your writing skills. How is this weird, I really don't get it
  8. This is a really easy question. Ideally, you'd want to have both. Laptop to do light and breezy things like write, code, etc. and use it on the go like if you are traveling. PC is for power heavy tasks like editing, gaming, rendering, etc. Again like everything else, it's your preference what you want. What you use it for? Are you a frequent traveler? Answer these for me then let me help you select a platform suitable for you
  9. Yea, it's just over all good except there may not be "Oculus" at all. They are replacing everything "Oculus" with "Facebook". They are trying to rebrand everything into "Facebook".
  10. Im really not interested competitively but I really am looking forward to surf, it seems really fun my friend said that he got 5ms ping in the CN server when he tried it out
  11. WTF thats mad big of a profit Even adding shipping costs, it shouldn't be that expensive techies: OMG! The RTX 30 Series has soo much price benefits Nepali scammers : I dont think so
  12. well said I used to earn pi but it just got boring after that so I don't anymore
  13. Well said indeed And I'd rather learn it in the real world over virtually because I'll gain some real life experience so it'll be useful when I build my personal rig
  14. Yea Idk how it will help with his ADHD and I am also a big lamp and you're not as big of a "fan" because you'd know that he prefers to call his "fans" "lamps" 😉

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