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  1. I agree, I think we techies and gamers are gonna have fun on a whole another level 😁
  2. Some people faced the same within a minute tho 😂 I think that'd be great.......maybe a PS5 Pro?
  3. Im pretty positive, and I heard that there are some other surprises as well but don't know much The staffers know, duh😂 But that'll be great
  4. The benchmarks will vary for every device, you shouldn't really rely on only one comparison But good for them 🙂
  5. Yea same, hole to play with you Rocket league is going free soon so that'd also be an option Yea, that'd be interesting for the stream as well
  6. So the PS5 was available for pre-ordering on Walmart's online web store on thursday 6 PM Pacific Time. The PlayStation was out of stock the next minute!!! Many people who successfully added the console to the cart couldn't get to pre-order it either as the item appeared out of stock! Seriously? From their carts!? Anyways pray that it doesn't happen when the new Playstation arrives to Nepal.
  7. Yea that's how they keep the store alive Welcome You're welcome man, I tried it once (asked my friend for his steam) but won't run on my laptop that well😂. So I'm just gonna wait till I get an upgrade
  8. I'm guessing these are for normal people because most if not all PC heads know this
  9. Watchdogs 2 is available right now on the Epic Games Store for free. Even if you can't run the game, just own it for right now and play in the future. This game is super good if you can run it
  10. Yea, I also agree but there can always be improvements, rn I think Miscrosoft should pay more attention to personalization. It'd be great if we can uninstall bloatware without having to do much like in cmd and stuff
  11. I think you got it right, best batches to the founder's edition. But I think, in average performance also the Founder's edition beats the most board partners' cards.
  12. I think it would be great if there were like two streams a day like it used to be. I think PUBG mobile daily customs will begin soon so maybe after that there will be two streams a day, one of MLBB tournament and the other of PUBG mobile daily customs; but on the days when there aren't two tournaments or other competition streams, having a streamer playthrough a game would be great. Streaming on both YT and FB would be great but that might be a little bit difficult. The streamer may play a single player game like in the Marvel's Avengers stream, or multiplayer games with their friends and poss
  13. Do Cybermages also get the features that Cybermancers get? Like 2x login rewards and more?

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