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  1. Interesting. IIRC Uncharted 4 is the best selling PS4 exclusive game. Do we already have concrete CP2077 pre-orders info? But well, cyberpunk might as well break the record with all the hype and it being a cross gen title with free PS5 upgrade.
  2. Nope. The budget will exceed 3.5 -4 lakhs(specially due to the shipping costs, cause most of the parts you have listed are not available here). Also, that case does not have proper airflow for the components(maybe add some extra air cooler fans along with that 120mm Cooler) That PSU severely lacks enough juice. Change it to 650> and Bronze rated PSUs last for maximum of 2 years only in Nepali household due to the electrical spikes. (Depends upon usage too) . I would suggest Gold.(silver is not bad either). And, 1440p on a 27 inch? Its your preference but think on it mor
  3. We are only 17 days away from arguably the biggest game of the current generation, Cyberpunk 2077. Although the game went gold on October 5th, it was delayed until December 10th such that the developers can work more on the Day-1 patch. As the game went gold very much earlier than the release date, leaks via physical copies of the game were inevitable. Two anonymous PS4 users streamed Cyberpunk 2077 on YouTube for about 20 minutes. Their account as well as the video has now been removed by CD Projekt Red but like everything over the internet, netizens did get hold of the footage which you can
  4. When I "used to" study😅, was kind of addicted to this. Like you said, its a feel good thing really. SelfControl helped me more but Forest was more fun.
  5. Internet has boomed in the recent years in Nepal and has changed a lot of core things in our life. Education specially has evolved with high pace along with the internet mostly in the form of mobile or web applications. There are thousands of online study apps which try to make student life less stressful, easier and fun. We have selected some free applications that will be helpful in sorting out the messy life of college or school students. Mathway: Maths! Well that’s a scary thing for many and a fun one for some. Mathway is an excellent mobile app that helps in problem-solving of m
  6. Do you mean low size or low spec? Whatever it is, these are smaller indie games which I enjoyed a lot. 1. Terraria ( Its 100 times more fun with friends) 2. Undertale ( 10/10 masterpiece ) 3. Hades( I'm enjoying it a lot right now, its not low size but low spec'd for sure) 4. Stardew Valley ( Try not to get addicted) 5. Dead Cells (10/10 masterpiece) 6. The Binding of Isaac( whichever you wanna play) 7. Celeste ( you might remember this from The Game Awards 2018, not a bad game at all)
  7. Samsung will reportedly discontinue the Note Series smartphones starting from 2021. This is actually a big surprise for many as Note smartphones have been the "Samsung flagship" along with the S-series for many years now. Is it doing bad on sales? Is the Note series too sophisticated to make right? Or is the production of the phone just not worth it for Samsung to yield large profit? The report of discontinuation of one of the flagship of Samsung comes from The Elec. Rumours suggest that the Note Series is being replaced by the Z series of foldable phones. Industry insiders h
  8. I never unlocked Gon 😅. My time with the game was very short. Even now, Tekken playerbase is pretty salty regarding Gon.😂
  9. Gon was a special unlockable in Tekken 3 iirc.
  10. Nooo..You can't do this.Too much nostalgia.Now I have to play this again right? Edit: Yup. Found my PSP and the gem is still here.😅
  11. With Demon's Souls and Miles Morales, Sony had the upper hand with triple A launch exclusives for sure but everything else imo Microsoft has done a better job. Easy transfer of files, minimal crashes and a far better back compat support. Should it happen though? People are spending half a grand for this thing.(Nearly a grand or more for us third world folks) Returning the console to Sony is easy for North Americans or Europeans, what about us? Asian countries rarely get warranted consoles and even if we do, the shipping fee is way high for us to even consider a brand new hardware exc
  12. How are people even buying into this? An electronic does not smoke in such a clean manner.😂. This is simply a Sony fanboy being salty and smearing Series X and Microsoft's name dirty with a ridiculously clever trick.
  13. Seems so.😂. Apparently they will be deploying a 800MB patch to fix some of the issues before the November 19 worldwide launch. I doubt a single patch will resolve so many of the problems though.
  14. Sony's PlayStation 5 launched in select markets on 12th November and the critical reception has been quite good. The media is praising the console for its excellent performance to budget potential and the revolutionary DualSense Controller but the audience reception of the console is very sub-par. Myriad of issues have affected the experience of PS5 users and some of them are worrisome to the extent that the console dies out completely. Faulty electronics are not a strange thing as production of first batch of new hardware is never perfect but issues with a big percentage of the items shows th
  15. Expected nothing but premium quality and still disappointed like the One Plus smartphone. I feel like they can do so much more with the "cyberpunk" aesthetic. Maybe the executives should focus more on the management of game and its devs instead of milking an unreleased game to oblivion. Is that too much to ask for?😶

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