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  1. Well, looks like Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be one hell of a well-optimized game. The minimum system requirements are pretty standard which came as a surprise cause in all trailers/Game previews, it looked like a demanding game. But, CD Projekt Red have not yet specified the resolution/fps requirement details. My guess would be the minimum requirement criteria is that the game will run 60 fps on low/medium preset. And anyone with at least a 1060 or higher will be able to enjoy CP2077 comfortably. People were expecting some insane system requirements, CDPR did blow all
  2. To enter password, use the on-screen keyboard. It is under ease of access which is at the bottom-left of your screen. Then unless its a hardware issue, disabling and enabling the keyboard under device manager should do the trick.
  3. With that pricing and shippings costs+dealer profit, the only thing I pray for is that they'll bring out a new PS5 variant in 2021 so that the price of the regular one will drop.
  4. Those frames are not bad at all for an integrated GPU, but does anyone buy a laptop without "real GPU" for gaming? But if they don't over-price it and are just improving integrated GPU tech then its a good move from Intel.
  5. So G700 is not exactly a budget mouse and if you want a mouse in the range of 5k-10k then: 1. Logitech G502( not the proteus spectrum one, that is far more expensive). Much better than the G403 you mentioned 2. Razer Naga(the 2014 version) is brilliant and practical for mmos/mobas. Such games are way easier with naga because of thumb buttons, ergonomics might take some time getting used to tho. If your budget is below 5k then: 1. Corsair M65( this is a rare one to find here in Nepal, but if by any chance you can get your hands on this then, this would be my top sugge
  6. Can tell me your exact budget(range will do)?
  7. Whenever you've apps that work on browsers, mobiles but not on PC, try a software called "absolute uninstaller" . Its does the job exactly like its name.
  8. They actually do. 1080Ti which was $699 on launch if I remember correctly, it was priced Nrs. 1.50 lacs on launch now too the average price of that card here is 1.20 lacs. Dealers here are no less than scammers really.
  9. We shouldn't buy this card for more than 90,000. I've heard they are pricing it around 1.20 lacs and that is ridiculous.
  10. If you can find ProLink products on Nepali market , opt for their mech keyboards. They have some ridiculously good budget keyboards.
  11. Sucks. But i hope the price will go down at least $80 by mid-late 2021 so that we can afford the PS5 here. I'm gonna try out the alpha tomorrow and if it does have enough differentiating features than MW, might think about buyin it though getting COD games are never worth the money as the dev support ends in like less than a year
  12. Hogwarts Legacy is actually being made by a different Avalanche team, their second division. And that is better cause the main team really makes a fun sandbox but the open world is always bland, un-inspired and story level is meh.
  13. Firstly, let's get the elephant out of the room, prices of both PS5 all-digital and normal PS5 have been announced. The consoles will be available on November 12th for some select countries and others will have to wait until November 19th. The rumors and leaks were very much accurate. The $499 one is the ultimate PS5 Sony if offering on launch. For Nepal, we can't really be sure of the price but i did contact some dealers on Bishal Bazaar, Kathmandu who predict that the normal PS5 will likely cost over Nrs. 72,000 (shipping cost+dealer profit) whereas they predicted that
  14. Ohh Huawei !! How the giants have fallen just because of one nation
  15. Bottleneck hune less powerful CPU(in comparison to GPU) use garerai hune ho . Kunai kunai games haru CPU-intensive and GPU-intensive hunchan. For example: Ubisoft games tend to have high CPU usage. These games run better on PCs with great CPUs. Flight Simulator ni tystai khalko ko game ho. Tomb Raider games ko benchmark ma tyeti farak chaina verge, tom's hardware,etc. ko ma. FS2020 ma chai ali farak aako cha aaru vahnda

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