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  1. Thank you. The ones on the back is The Song of Ice and Fire collection:
  2. Thank you Sir. Padhna chai aba 30 minutes padhdai 60 minutes break system ho. Its not ideal but works.😅
  3. These are the ones I'm cycling between currently.One is thought provoking and the other one is mind-boggling. With exams a week away, these are my stress relievers really. ( Yes at this point, even Mein Kampf is less stressful than a subject called Electronics and Digital Circuits). Emergency is such a enjoyable read. Its binge-worthy.That would be my top recommendation for now.
  4. Simple answer is: You cannot as of now. Even if you were allowed to list your items, how will you accept the payment without master card or supported visa cards? NRB's International Card might come in handy in future but I doubt they will allow us to receive money though.
  5. Interesting really. It had its sweet run. From 300,000 to 29,000 . It was never a long lasting game to begin with.
  6. Absolutely. That's a very nice combo. Get a 120L water cooler and some cheap air coolers and you will be good to go. You can run most games above 120/180fps on 1440p/1080p( without RT) so yea 2K @165hz will be the icing on top. Good luck!
  7. We would not know what GPU will be suitable for you without knowing about the things you want to use it for. If you are looking for a gaming rig that can run Cyberpunk 2077 smoothly then, RT cards are a must. Anything above RTX 2060 will do. And about the Cyberpunk 2077 free copy offer, the game is only $30 here and when cashing out above 1 lakh for a 30 series RT GPU, you would expect something more and not a Nrs. 3300 thing.
  8. Epic has tons of cash and it is not a big deal to give away free games which are indies. The games on this list are all AAAs which means it is leaning more towards fake. Some of these are pretty big hitters which still give a lot of cash to the publishers, Fallout 4 , HZD, Borderlands 3 , Witcher 3 and AC Origins. Summing up, this is fake cause there is no way epic can bargain so many publishers to make their triple A titles free. I would happily eat my words though.😂 From reddit: All indies really.
  9. Fo real tho, Evo and Oliz need competition. They are the worst kind of dealers , from my personal experience.
  10. I suggest you to watch Metro Exodus RT showcase. It was released back in early 2019 and it still has the best implementation of DLSS and RT imo. CP is way larger in scale and probably needs a lot more patches to achieve its true graphical potential like WD: Legion and Control.
  11. Is this test without the online DRM? The media versions were all with Denuvo tech infamous for degrading performance. And is it only me or the RTX implementation in this game looks ugly? Softer shadows , blur, less sharpness. Let's hope the patches will do the magic.
  12. They will iron out the game-breaking bugs if there are any through reportedly two patches on launch: Day-0 patch : 40+ gigs Day-1 patch : 43 gigs Base Xbox and PS patch : 27 gigs Its a triple A RPG that came out being developed in the midst of a pandemic, it will have bugs. AC Valhalla, WD Legion and even Miles Morales a pure action adventure game shipped with some bugs. It did not stop these games from being fun though.
  13. Try and minimize combo parts. You can use out of stock components.
  14. IIRC CRTs have the lowest response time out of any panels and also the viewing angle is comparable to IPS. Some people do prefer to use CRTs even now( Like the guy from Digital Foundry). If you can tell me your specs, I could recommend some games that can go over 100 fps. If it really is a very low end hardware then: 1. Left 4 Dead 1 or 2 2. Half Life(any) 3. CS:GO or source

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