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  1. Few years earlier Micromax moblie phones were the best budget phones widely popular all over South Asian Sub-Continent. The entry of cheaper competitor as Chinese smartphones Oppo, Redmi, Vivo etc killed their reign over the smartphone market and they were living quite under the shadow. Until now, they have decided to come up with new line of smartphone releasing in December 3 2020 with "In" lineups which surely is an acronym of "India" and also has came up with a patriotic backstory from its head. Hear what Co-Founder and CEO Rahul Sharma has to say: But instead of invest
  2. Quite odd comparison. Either it should've been only Football or Cricket or you had to add Anime or Movies. Its Football (Soccer) for me nonetheless.
  3. , He resurrected the damned spirit of Arah and
  4. I've never been a fan of these Chinese phones like Oppo and Vivo dont know why.
  5. Caught under the shadow of the big releases of iPhone 12, Beats which is also owned by Apple announced its first ever earbuds for just $50 called Beats Flex. This launch flew under the radar such that people didn't quite noticed this release. With the new lines of iPhones not including charging adapter and earphones, this launch of the budget earbuds could be seen as a pre-planned move of Apple. Since more users want to buy a new ear piece for their iPhones and the highly priced earbuds would be out of reach of many this Beats Flex could be the replacement.
  6. The best option is to get it through your keens who are coming to Nepal from other countries in their luggage.
  7. I don't know if they are genuine or not but i had brought a laptop 5 years ago with heavy in gaming and graphics and still works like a charm. Was able to cut few k off too with bargaining.
  8. Okay Guys, Let's comment down the cheats from GTA Vice City and no cheating (no pun intended). Once cheat per comment. I'll start with the famous one. BIGBANG
  9. Everyone starts somewhere, you will get there soon. Aah its worn out pair, I'd like to buy a new Supra Skytop or a Bleaker soon. I love Timberland Classic as well, the ones available in Nepali Market are all fakes. I don't even believe the ones from the official Timberland store. I'll have to order from abroad i guess. @Amul Sir that's a nice collection.
  10. I have my eyes on that mic too. Seems very affordable and quality product, its supe- cardioid feature had me hooked in.
  11. The RazerCon was just concluded yesterday. CEO Min-Liang Tan, in the keynote presented various upgrades on the current product and unveiled new products. Some of the products that were showcased were. 1. Razer Tomahawk Case : ATX and Mini-ITX priced at $199 and $179 respectively. Features: Dual sided glass panel Powered by Razer chroma RGB Ventilated top panel and dust filters 90 degrees panel rotation 2. Razer Iskur- Gaming Chair priced at $499 Features: Designed for ergonomic and painless gaming sessions. Multi layered synthetic l

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