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  1. I had been waiting for this news for a long time for now and now its official, YES laptops powered with Nvidia GeForce 3060, 3070 and 3080 laptops are finally unveiled at CES. According to Nvidia the graphic cads will boost the efficiency up to 2 times and offer ray-tracing. The three gpu's will deliver 90 frames per second with settings up to 1080p for 3060, QHD 1440p for 3070 and up to 100 frames per second for 3080. Here is the entire list of laptops coming soon with 30x cards. Laptop CPU GPU Screen Price
  2. Elon Musk being the richest man, Jack MA missing... something is going off. #conspiracytheorist
  3. Razer products are already pricey, Evostore being the authorized seller means Razer products are still out of my league.
  4. Some parts ma Kirin 9000 fast chha jastai GPU ani some parts ma Snapdragon 888. Snapdragon nai dherai market hunchha so talk of the town nai yei chip hunxa. Kirin would get overshadowed.
  5. In its Snapdragon Tech summit, Qualcomm announced its new SOC chipset “Snapdragon 888 5G” which is equipped with the latest 5G capability. The 888 SoC specifications and performance capabilities were also detailed later. The processor features new Kyro 680 CPU, with the state of the art customized Cortex-X1 core and is said to give performance up to 25%higher than the previous processors. The maximum clock speed is 2.84 GHz. The GPU includes new Adreno 660 which also promises the 35 % higher graphics rendering performance than the previous GPUs. The chip-set includes the third
  6. Just few days back I was just wondering while browsing for a gaming laptop of Razerblade that two laptops were priced similar but the only striking difference was the screen. One was with the FHD and 144Hz panel while the other was 4K 60 Hz. Well it’s still a tough choice to choose the 1 from the two panels and this thought crossed my mind when would the laptop makers create a panel which is 4k and more than 144 Hz refresh rate? While researching actually there is one option available with Razerblade 17 which was 4k touch screen with 120 Hz display but it was way way overpriced at $ 380
  7. Freedom Fighters old game but pretty fun.
  8. I hope they just don't ruin it like the latest Spongebob Movie. This movie holds that great nostalgic power.
  9. "The Salvation Lies Within"
  10. Haii, Coming from a small non-gaming country like Pakistan and conquering the greatest title of all among the greatest players from Japan and Korea was certainly not an small feat. His setbacks from visa to the reaching gaming venue running just in time was truly inspiring. I hope see someone passionate like him come form Nepal as well.
  11. I recently found out about this tekken player from Pakistan called Arshlan Ash his story is truly inspiring. do watch it as well.
  12. So we are getting a new map update in Among Us at end of this year which will be unveiled on The Game Awards December 10th 2020. The first glimpse of the map is shared by the official twitter handle of Among US @AmongUsGame (turns out they just joined twitter) and looks like the map is based on a ship. We see two imposters and a vent with multiple task areas in the map. We hope we players will get over the THE SKELD map and move on to explore more interesting maps in future.
  13. I remember playing Tekken 3 taking Gon with by brother and I was a sure shot winner. The spinning attack and the fire ball move was the only one needed to defeat everyone. Ahh nostalgia.
  14. Does anyone remember Dr Bosconovith and Gon i think they were not in Tekken 6. I remember them from Tekken 3.
  15. Stalker (1979) Requiem for a Dream (2000) The Lobster (2015) Enemy (2013) Midsommar (2019) Mid 90s (2018) The Florida Project (2017) It Comes at Night (2017) American Honey (2016) The Lighthouse (2019) Uncut Gems (2019) The Killing of Sacred Deer (2017) Hereditary (2018) Lady Bird (2017) Moonlight (2016) Room (2015) ExMachina (2014) Swiss Army Man (2016) Fargo (1996) Will add more follow this thread if you are interested 🙂

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