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  1. Among Us costs $3, not $5 on Steam.
  2. Why would you not use a pendrive though? That is the simplest method.
  3. If you find a dropped pendrive on the street, you should first plug it in to check who it belongs to, or if it is useful, right? Wrong. Don't plug a random thumb drive into your electronics, it could be the new USBKill product and fry your precious hardware. USBKill is not a new product by now, having existed for a few years. Basically, it sends high voltages into a USB port when plugged in. For most unprotected devices, this results in either the USB controller blowing its circuitry, or even the whole device going boom. The Ultimate 'Pentesting' Device? It started as a
  4. Machine learning and AI is all the rage in Computer Science and adjacent fields nowadays. That's why, pre-Covid, if you wanted to attend one of the top conferences such as ICML or NeurIPS, you would have a very hard time. Especially if you weren't studying in a world-class university with reputed professors already. This year, one of the silver linings of the pandemic is that much of these conferences are going virtual, and thus, are much more accessible. On the 15th of September, NeurIPS opened up registrations for its fully online event. Of course, the experience will not exactly be the
  5. Nepali freelancers, it may be the time we get our own local version of Upwork! From the 14th of September, WorCkhub opened its borders, launching its site at worckhub.com . It is not exactly the first freelancing marketplace, exactly. But although it is early days, the traction it seems to be attempting for in social media, as well as the numerous brands it lists in its website may mean the startup can be actually successful. A Tough Scene for Freelancers Right now, before this recent launch at least, freelancers in Nepal had no easy path to follow. Yes, many list themselves in Upwork
  6. Probably would be a bit expensive (>$80 per month plus more for the device) when it launches, so I don't think most people in urban areas would go for this right now.
  7. Definitely for-profit, since it costs tens of billions of USD to get all those satellites out there. Read more at Business Insider. Basically, SpaceX wants to make big money from Starlink to fund their Mars project. But, building such a large backbone encourages competition and a side effect may be helping a large number of disadvantaged people in rural parts. So, we can look forward to that.
  8. In a recent letter to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the company SpaceX has attached a few figures and details in a presentation that seem very compelling. Screenshots of Ookla's speedtest.net show a latency/ping of 18/19 ms at around 103 Mbps download and 41 Mbps upload speeds. SpaceX's plan of lowering the altitude of satellite orbits closer to the ground seems to be paying off spectacularly. The bandwidth is of course exceeded fairly commonly by most wired broadband connections in developed areas. But the latency figure is extraordinary, especially when compared
  9. A lot of technology is focused on improving graphics and processing power, while quietly at the back of the line, some interesting innovations push the consumer markets to new heights. Mobiscribe is one of those companies attempting to do something different, and recently they've announced the Mobiscribe ORIGIN which is to be a successor of their first note-taking ereader tablet. Another bit of good news is that the previous tablet is going on a massive sale that might finally make it worthwhile for students to use. A Digital Device to Replace Paper First off, Mobiscribe belong
  10. My first reaction is: why would anyone buy this? But I guess after seeing their drink mix be a hit, some gamers will buy anything from their favorite brands. Eagerly awaiting Corsair RGB toothbrush.
  11. Please read our posting guidelines.
  12. (Long post warning!) Back in the olden days, when my peasant soul upgraded from a knockoff Atari console that had a keyboard and a brick game handheld to a full-fledged PC with a whopping 256 MB RAM as my gaming systems, I got really into RPGs. While I missed the फु-फु ing you had to do to make the game cartridges work, emulators were changing my world. In those days, even dial-up was a rare sight, only seen in cybers. And there was a legendary half gig pendrive floating around that contained two folders titled 'VBA' and 'ZSNES'. Those two folders contained so many game
  13. Nepal Reads: Game On! is an upcoming series of discussions on gaming history, the industry, what the social implications of gaming are, and finally, the future of gaming. For those of you interested in a critical evaluation of gaming outside of gaming, these can be fruitful discussions. You can participate in any of these individually, especially if you think you have something to say or some experience that is unique. Even if you don't attend or cannot make it, the readings can be interesting as well. Google Drive link here. The currently scheduled dates are Sep 8 & 10 (gam
  14. Hello, CNers! With the new updates and events ongoing, we hope you all are excited for the things to come. A lot of you are clamoring for the contests and giveaways, which is great to see! Still, we repeat time and again, that our focus is on developing a community, a platform for tech enthusiasts, creators, writers, gamers and similar folk. Our forum is central for this mission, and while the frequency of posts is increasing, we believe the quality of threads can reach greater heights. Right now, everyone is incentivized to post and reply (owing to CN$), but those of you sharing top-notc
  15. Here at CN, we love giveaways. And we love memes, even ones that poke a bit of fun at us. That's why, to kickstart the revival of Cyber Nepal, we are announcing a month-long meme contest to make September more fun in this horrid year. The best part? You are rewarded even for participating. This contest ends on Sep 30, 2020. How do I become eligible? To be qualified to unleash your dankest memes, you need to check a few simple boxes. This is to ensure a fair giveaway. If you are a fan of CyberNepal, you probably fulfill most of them! You must be a CNer. What does thi

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