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  1. Man, favorite bands is very hard because my music taste has a lifecycle of around 3 months. Still, I'm enjoying these ones right now (in no particular order): Rilo Kiley The Beths The Hu (Mongolian folk metal) The Bill Evans trio The Front Bottoms Rainbow Kitten Surprise Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers The Mountain Goats Silver Jews The Oh Hellos Some Nepali ones (they have too few songs mostly, though): Helium Heart - Try Khushi PLEBEIAN - Try Anoutho Mann Baaja - Try Hijo Jastai Tribal Rain/Pahenlo
  2. I wanted wireless earbuds. I did not want to spend a lot on them. I bought the QCY T5 after a bit of research at Rs. 3600. I'm quite happy with it. TL;DR Vibrant and pure sound Decent battery Okay-ish connectivity, latency and control Earbuds build quality excellent, case build quality horrifying This is a purely personal review and I'll not really go into technical specifications, because as I'll try to explain, I think default earbuds are a very individual taste. Slight Backstory I've used wired earphones for most of my life. They were fin
  3. I don't like watching most mainstream anime and anything with too many 'filler' episodes in it. These are some shorter recs: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju (Drama/Art) - Two seasons. Pretty much perfect. The Tatami Galaxy (???/College) - One season. The end is worth it. 3-gatsu no Lion (Drama/Sports) - Slightly longer but it really grows on you. Cowboy Bebop (too many genres to count) - Best anime ever.
  4. Oh, boy. I'm gonna have a hard time selecting from a list of my dearest shows anyways, so I'll just go with some overlooked gems here (at least in Nepali circles), in no order. Lodge 49 (Comedy/Mystery/Philosophy) - Two seasons of absolute magic. If you know about Don Quixote, Alchemy, among other things, you'll have a blast with this one. Atlanta/Barry (Crime/Drama/Surreal Comedy) - Both excellent shows, I find these similar in tone so they're in a single spot. The Leftovers (Mystery/Drama/Thriller) - If I were truly comparing, probably the best TV show ever. You'll have
  5. Super charging station charges faster, tara amount of energy same ho (assuming heat loss haru dherai hudaina). Jastai gasoline bike/car ko kmpl measure huncha, tesari nai EV ko km per kWh measure huncha. True about servicing - simpler mechanism than petrol/diesel engines, no filters, etc. necessary, but battery life is a problem after a few years.
  6. This is mostly incorrect. I'll explain why. One of the main benefit of electric vehicles is their efficiency. Almost all EVs have >80% efficiency, but most consumer gasoline vehicles have about 15-25% efficiency. Even a stationary diesel power plant has around 35% efficiency, and does not cost a lot at the start (there are maintenance charges tho). So this means, if all the gas vehicles were replaced by EVs, we could use all that petrol/diesel to fuel power plants to generate electricity, and (assuming minimal transmission loss for within a city) we would have more electricity.
  7. Slightly late, but I was struggling with this same question as well. One problem I always had with wired earphones, no matter if they were of Rs. 150 or Rs. 1100 was that the wires would fail me after 2/3 months (maybe because I keep them in a ball and especially when I use them outdoors). And then I would have distorted or no sound in one ear. I wanted TWS earphones, but I had borrowed my friend's Mi airdots previously and they were just very average. And I didn't want to spend too much. There's a lot of recent competition in budget TWS market right now. Availability in Nepal i
  8. I'm starting to feel old hearing AoE is underrated, haha. I personally love JRPGs, and I made a thread in the Console forums about it. Following this ranking format, my PC franchises and fav picks would be: Warcraft series (Reign of Chaos) Heroes of Might and Magic (HMM III) The Elder Scrolls (Morrowind >> Skyrim/Oblivion) Fable (Fable I) Halo (CE) Not including indie titles or esports here, because I think they deserve a separate thread.
  9. Among Us costs $3, not $5 on Steam.
  10. Why would you not use a pendrive though? That is the simplest method.
  11. If you find a dropped pendrive on the street, you should first plug it in to check who it belongs to, or if it is useful, right? Wrong. Don't plug a random thumb drive into your electronics, it could be the new USBKill product and fry your precious hardware. USBKill is not a new product by now, having existed for a few years. Basically, it sends high voltages into a USB port when plugged in. For most unprotected devices, this results in either the USB controller blowing its circuitry, or even the whole device going boom. The Ultimate 'Pentesting' Device? It started as a
  12. Machine learning and AI is all the rage in Computer Science and adjacent fields nowadays. That's why, pre-Covid, if you wanted to attend one of the top conferences such as ICML or NeurIPS, you would have a very hard time. Especially if you weren't studying in a world-class university with reputed professors already. This year, one of the silver linings of the pandemic is that much of these conferences are going virtual, and thus, are much more accessible. On the 15th of September, NeurIPS opened up registrations for its fully online event. Of course, the experience will not exactly be the
  13. Nepali freelancers, it may be the time we get our own local version of Upwork! From the 14th of September, WorCkhub opened its borders, launching its site at worckhub.com . It is not exactly the first freelancing marketplace, exactly. But although it is early days, the traction it seems to be attempting for in social media, as well as the numerous brands it lists in its website may mean the startup can be actually successful. A Tough Scene for Freelancers Right now, before this recent launch at least, freelancers in Nepal had no easy path to follow. Yes, many list themselves in Upwork
  14. Probably would be a bit expensive (>$80 per month plus more for the device) when it launches, so I don't think most people in urban areas would go for this right now.

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