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  1. Hahaha. Okay. Thanks for the trick. I will make sure to do the same. But i am way behind you guys.
  2. They will. There is a lot of competition in the market right now so i am sure to see all the smartphones with 5G connectivity in our near future.
  3. No Worries. This is where we learn stuffs. I mentioned a thing that you missed and this is how we learn and grow. Cheers !!!
  4. Is it ?? I was truly unaware of it ? Thanks for the info . 😄
  5. I have seen few people already winning enough CN$ to be able participate in this competition but none have yet bought the tickets. Why is it so ?
  6. Both have their own perks. I am just glad people have much more choices.
  7. The major issues for macbooks not willing to use the processors used by other companies is due to the heat dissipation issues in the structuring in the macbook models. The chips by other companies are not able to cool properly due to the design of macbook. Hence, introduction of ARM processor means there will be proper heat dissipation and we will soon be getting cooler macbooks.
  8. Will i finally win it today ??
  9. I like this. It is so difficult for us to remember the songs we once listened. So, this is going to be a boon for people like me who forgets the songs most of the times. But i must say technology have come a long way.
  10. 5G is a must have for phones that are to come in the future. So, its about time when the 5G feature will be made available in every other phone releasing in the market.
  11. I will try this software once and see how this goes. Thanks for the suggestion. This is way too technical for me. If @ Panda_Mafia's technique doesn't work i will definitely tryn crack few of things mentioned here by @ avinash :). Thanks. The last option is that. Lets see how this turns out to be. Thanks.
  12. Do you mean to say that use of machinery will reduce the plastic pandemic and help the soil preserve its fertility ? If yes, could you elaborate how ?
  13. Me too. But i don't think we will get to see those products from hereon. I just hope to see the branding though. Just want to see blackberry name engraved in the front side of a phone. Won't it look amazing ??
  14. Science and its advancements. It is somewhat reducing the human workload and is working efficiently but won't it reduce the attachment of farmers to their crops. Some things are meant to be kept traditional. They are best in the form they were.

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