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  1. They have informed us, how long will it take for us to get the cn$ after task complition, take a chillpill brother, Your CN$ will be sent on time. And support the community instead of raising such public topics yar
  2. So i am really into Instagram, When i say Instagram i am using it since the time its launched and i have explored alot of it and i have learned alot about its growth, marketing in what all field can we use Instagram .I have also learned the growing strategies that instagram that are not available in google. If anyone is intrested then they can quote of comment and I can Start with basics of Instagram marketing here itself.
  3. Not under 1k but i can suggest you one around the same price. I have been using this for a month and i have no complain. I am also streaming it in my youtube account and its a great experience , low budget but great product . You can buy this one at daraz
  4. I have been seeing same people targetting for this weekly giveaway. I aint eligible for this one, since my content count is less. But all the best to everyone who have participated
  5. okay second time buying the ticket. Jitye bhani i would like to redeem it with steam card. I have eye over one game ":D
  6. Man i thought nobody is evr gonna talk about this game ROBLOX Roblox Corporation . Love this game, this was also my first game that i played in my new pc 😄 Mood fresh vayo 😄
  7. m a fan of liverpool would love to see the club aswell 😄
  8. when this giveaway started i thought earning cn$ is gonna be a challenge but thanks to all the team of CN who hosted alot of events, tournaments so we can earn much CN$. will be buying the tickets when the deadline would be near and i hope i will win this giveaway . finger crossed
  9. if you wanna go for a gaming gadgets then i prefer pc over laptops because since you are investing ivest it for you furture upgrade aswell, if you go for PC you can go for 24/7 with future upgrades in hardware. so go for PC brother, you want regret.
  10. I have faced the same problem , a month ago. In my case it was because i deleted microsoft visual c++ 2017 version. But when i reinstalled it , it still didn't work. later when i verified my files from steam, there was a error saying , one file cant be verified. I tried reinstalling the steam itself and the PUBG PC again, but the problem is still not solved. i have checked almost every corner of google, tried everything suggested but the still the problem is not resolved.
  11. OKay buying the ticket for the first time. lets see my luck 😄
  12. @Sagar Shah So, its been couple of month i started my journey with cybernepal, and its going supper great. You mentioned you previously used cybernepal. If that's true then you should have gone through the announcement section at the website. Our admins have posted individual thread as " A everything Guide to CN " where there's brief of what is cyber nepal and how can you start making your cn$. Click here for the Link. As a user, i recommend you to participate in daily , weekly and monthly events for quick CN$ one example of daily events is " CN Daily quiz" thats starts arou
  13. Brother, bless your mood. I highly recommend you to play Genshin Impact. Its a free to play action role- play game and its currently trending. I see one of the streamer of CN streaming it sometimes aswell. The graphics is awesome for any mobile game. You can check out the stream if you want to see the game play.
  14. I have faced such problem many times. I highly recommend you to reinstall you audio driver. If you have the latest update of your driver installed, delete it and download it from any official website and try running it.
  15. Don't use turbo mode instead use afterburner to set CPU clocks to 3.5 GHz. Its already undervolted at -125mv. Set fans speed in predator sense to 4500 rpm in custom fans. Raise laptop rear by 1 inch for better airflow.

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