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  1. The news been out there that console games are coming to PC. Dont know much if there are already games of Console to PC but recently sunnama aako xa ni Sony will port FIRST-PARTY PLAY STATION GAMES TO PC. Earlier this month, Sony released Horizon Zero Dawn to PC in Steam which ended its term with title Playstation Exclusive. As EuroGamer report company had discovered PC port in 2020. They also said they will be doing research on expanding their first-party title to PC platform in order to promote further growth for their profitability. Herman Hulst, Playstation WorldWide studio bo
  2. The thing is i am not able to stream with my PC coz i have low spec that doesnt met the requirement for streaming. So is there any other way? so that i can take part in streamer list? if there is then let me know the steps how it can be done. Can we share our stream directly into the CN group in FB? or we record our game and share it here?
  3. Don't know if it counts or not. Tried my own way with CN logo so if it doesnt count then let me know hai @Admin #CNSuperTshirts Took my time and created this. Hope this works.
  4. So the thing is I am into digital art and i do lots of stuff on digital art field. Tho i am an artist i prefer to work in digital most of the time. So i was looking for help if any digital artist or any graphic designer are present here. I would like to have suggestion on graphic tablet with low price like range of 5k to 10k. Lots of brand makes it hard to choose so i am looking for suggestion who is already working in digital field with graphic tablets.
  5. so i got these steps hai. hope this works bro.
  6. i guess its resolution problem ki k po thiyo. Ingame ma change garna milxa kya re Direct X 11 choose garyo vane hunxa hola may be hai malai ni exactly tha vayena hai. Try garera herda hunxa.
  7. That's what gaming industry is all about. Matter of fact we are all the same when we see new things we automatically go and check what it is..hainata XD XD
  8. Teti garo ni chaina aahile like it used it be back then. Coz ingame mechanism has changed and beginner level haruko lagi ekdum sajilo banaideko xa coz there is basic training about LH "last hit" which also means denying and farming and also Hero controls to SPELL uses so you dont have to worry much and just learn the basics from ingame that can do the work. But first always start from support level dont directly go to carry role or any other role coz people are toxic as you know how online games are. So try to master support level first to move up in your game. It will be huge experience to le
  9. I wrote what i saw 😅😅. But there were different parts of same game costing low price i guess. 🙂 There is in Discord. Website ma chahi admin sangai kura garnu parne hunxa.
  10. we have to stream from PC? to be eligible for this post? or will mobile also work?
  11. Mobile games are taking over with an instant. Like Among Us which became popular within no time and memes being made all over. And recently we have been seeing Among Us being famous around Live Streamers and in Intl Market. This game was made in 2018 by American game studio INNERSLOTH. Don't know if it was famous back then or not but it began to surface in this year 2020. This is the first time i have heard that mobile game being updated to PC. This game was first made for Android and later on in 2018 Steam released it costing it for 4.99$. Its quite a fun game but really builds trust iss
  12. Thanks for the gift #cybernepal #weeklygiveaway
  13. We all know there are various industries and companies who makes all types of gaming products like from mouse to headset to keyboard to components for gaming computer. And as for that i was in need of mouse and keyboard coz my old ones life is coming to an end. So i thought to browse through internet to check for these items. Didnt typed the brand name coz i know i wont be able to purchase high end products so just went with casual topic GAMING KEYBOARD and the thing is google gave me marketplace DARAZ.COM where list of keyboards were given. So at first i thought of buying FANTECH coz i am u

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