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  1. Leeds Manchester city Fulham Chelsea Liverpool Everton Wolves Arsenal Brighton Tottenham Hotspur
  2. Liverpool Chelsea Manchester City Manchester United Sheffield United Brighton Tottenham Leicester City Draw Wolves
  3. Try undervolting your system. Doing this will boost your performance for sure. Talking about upgrading RAM, yes if you can - upgrading components are always beneficial for your system's performance boost.
  4. It's totally upto you. Gaming laptop are tanks. Just like in a real life, you can use tanks to go from one location to another while cars are best alternatives for this jobs. In the same way, bulky gaming laptops can be used as a daily driver.
  5. Install SSD and shift your Operating System to SSD. SSD are way faster. My laptop takes less than 10 seconds to boot.
  6. If portability isn't a problem then PC (Desktop) is your best option. But, say, if you are a college student or someone who travels a lot then laptop seems to be more effective.
  7. So, I basically locked my bios with password while I was upgrading my laptop's Operating System. But I don't recall the password. So is there a way I can fix it myself? I tried several default keys and visited many sites which provides one but those doesn't tend to work for my laptop.

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