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  1. I really Like Samsung S21 Ultra It is powerful, amazing feature and the % lens on its back makes it just crazy smartphone
  2. Wolves Leeds West Ham Chelsea Leicester Spurs Man Utd Man City Arsenal West ham Chelsea Man city Man United Liverpool Aston Villa
  3. I have tried each and every trick that is shown in the internet each and every When I use decrypt software its says that New key variant found, the ID is appears to be online and when I searched about the problem ID is appears to be online. Then I saw that many people think and even many other software created that say to you if you found ID is appears to be online problem in dencrypt software there is no chance to let those file back ever So unfortunately and unwantedly I have to format my all driver which have my personal stuffs, documents and other many more stuffs (around 1TB si
  4. @ avinash can your please help me and Can you Please Pin this Topic please and @Amul @ kal and other admins can you guys help me or do you know any guy who can slove my problem please let me know
  5. really like your idea but it is too much complex process to do
  6. I'm really stressed out I'm searching solution on internet but nothing seems to work aajai I cant access my files like video, musics and other programs Someone with very high coding skills can help me I think
  7. I wish I could Format my all driver and Install New Fresh windows but the Problem is I have 2TB hardisk and there are 4 Drivers on 1st driver there is windows File , on 2nd there is my photos, videos and many more personal stuff, on 3rd there is Software where I have all software store on that drive and on last its Anime Driver where I have saved alot of anime. But I installed new windows but the .coos encrypt my all personal file and I cant use them anymore until I get any solution
  8. hijo mailea euta website bata software download gareko theya it was call netwatcher.exe But when I installed it, I feel a little suspicious and when I successfully installed it I tried to open the software through its icon on desktop so Jaba mailea tyo software Ko icon hereya at that time The icon was different that It was shown in the website and suddenly I get administrative request. I was already suspicious, so I click No and again I get administrative request and I click No. The request came 3 times more. and Suddenly My PC speed dherai slow vo I can't even open my computer and then I r

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