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  1. Yeah bro. Confirmations are mandatory. Sometimes skip huncha tara most of the time Steam Mobile App bata confirm chai garnai parcha. Its for your own safety.
  2. @Aaravchand @Sygdml guys tyo hisaab le if u want to redeem a mouse worth NRS 8000 , you will need 800000CN$. 20 months ma you have collected max 6000 CN$. Think about all the work you did to collect all that 🙂
  3. I dont think we are allowed to do that with 3rd party software. Just allowed to screenshot.
  4. 4K monitor chaiyo ni. 24" FHD monitor will be a bad choice. 27=29" ko monitor ko 70-90K parcha. Must have for this build.
  5. I think it is little overpriced. Better build a custom PC choosing individual parts afai.

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