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  1. yeah since they hand deliver everything tesko time ni lageko huna sakxa...
  2. I got mine in 1 day. Try calling them ekchoti. Maybe that will help. Maile ta call gareko voli palta paeko
  3. I got mine the day after I ordered. Try calling them on a different number?? Maybe that will help?
  4. Wireless mice under 1000 is really not recommended for gaming tho. As the latency will just be unbearable (that is if you play fast paced games, tactical shooters). Though for normal use it's always better off using a cheap mouse.
  5. Yea Well I did mention about them here too if you missed it. Even I was skeptical about it until I got the product itself. Well they explained what had happened from their side and after hearing both side and being a devil's advocate I leaned towards akku being one of the few places in Nepal where people can buy premium stuffs at a good price. Suckss Feels bad for ya....
  6. Nepal ma ya bata sure original product pauxa vanera can you be sure??? Also G102, G303, G403 vanda I can definitely tell Viper Mini is better. Can take a look at more reviews online 😉😉😉 yo haina j hos😁😁😁 Yo product chai legit ho vanna khojeko ho j hos. Kasto mouse lina khojeko?
  7. I am creating a topic regarding this don't worry... 🙂🙂🙂 I am very confident rn that it's not a scam vanera chai. If you're skeptical about it calling them up is ALWAYS an option.. Yes, it is safe to order from them. I am pretty confident about it. 🙂🙂🙂
  8. Exactly, Akku *disregarding sometimes misleading title of builds which they have told they would revamp soon* actually sells quality product at good price like the Razer Viper Mini I bought. This will be another major gateway for Nepali gamers to buy quality stuffs in Nepal at low price.
  9. yessir we can. They are revamping their entire site. Do check out an article I will be making regarding Akku and their revamped site that is coming out soon. :)
  10. I did it all already and it's real. Synapse 3 reads it perfectly too...
  11. So we might have been seeing this ad popping up here and there. and this ad too And you might be thinking this is totally not legit and it's a fake product. Well I did the job of legitimizing it for you guys and believe me, it's real. As it can clearly be seen on the ad, it's being sold by Akku who recently had a scandal regarding how they treat heir customers. But damn, that was TOTALLY NOT THE CASE with me. The delivery person seemed SUPER nice and he was really frank. The product was hand delivered to my doorsteps. I was obviously skeptical about it cuz we all hav
  12. #dailygiveawaywinnerday54 #Cybernepal Thank you~

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