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  1. Thank you Cyber Nepal for the prize... I wish to see CN as a great platform in Nepal. Keep doing the good deeds. #daily_giveaway #cybernepal
  2. I am using Sony Vaio SVE15136CAW and it was quite easy for me, as I knew a little about disassembly and assembly of laptop. Youtube can help you for the disassembly.
  3. I support the points mentioned above by @Ramdai . I have been using the laptop cooler and I have seen the changes. You should know I have tried changing the thermal paste. Sometime we place laptop on such surfaces which mostly block the air passage, laptop cooler will help you for easy air passage and also help you to tilt the laptop on any angles you feel comfortable.
  4. Windows 7 and above Thank you for the information. I will try it. If any problem arises I will comment here
  5. CAn anyone tell me the ways they are using to make bootable windows USB. Please mention the full procedure and give link to required files too.

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