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  1. already watched. kada lagyo. knee sanga ko rivalry khatra raixa
  2. sure. I will definitely watch it. thanks for the suggestion.
  3. do you watch tekken 7 tournaments?
  4. kina yad nahununi yaar. kati kheliyo kheliyo. King , law and yoshimitsu were my favourite. I used to play tekken 7 but right now i don't play the game but I watch Lil Majin who is king specialist. He is too good, you can check him out in youtube.
  5. baka

    Valorant Ping Issues.

    i think it was game problem. After I reinstalled the game my ping was good as before. maile pani game reinstall garepaxi mumbai ma 47 ani singapore ma 90 auxa
  6. last one is lit🤣🙂
  7. is this necessary at all? With the development of this car, other things in the country must also be made like Runways, parking lot etc. And not everyone has enough land to for a private runway. New rules must be made. I think this car cannot be used for personal use.
  8. baka

    Valorant Ping Issues.

    I am having valorant ping issues. Normally i used to get 50-60ms ping in mumbai server but in some recent days I am getting ping over 200-280. And the most surprising thing is that I get 90-100 ping in Singapore server. So what may be the reason for this? And if anyone here knows how to fix this issue please comment.
  9. very interesting event. and this time the rewards has been increased, thats a very good sign for newcomers or for those who are struggling to earn CN$. By the way do we have to share the link of the components while listing them? Or is it enough by writing site name?
  10. its a good news but i don't know why there is something strange about paypal. Most of the time my password doesnot work and if i try to reset the password, i don't receive any codes. I had to delete my two paypal accounts, luckily i had no money left in it so no loss.
  11. yo finally someone who thinks chelsea will be the first.
  12. kasto majak ho re yo dada?🤣🤣
  13. huss dai. ali lamo ashirbad pani dinus na natra chittai bujdaina.🤣🤣

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