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  1. i am sorry. but why dont you reinstall and use the lowest settings? it may work. ( really sorry brother)
  2. why dont you try to play in 1024 resolution and 720p settings. It somehow worked for me .
  3. I have already added to my library. will play it after upgrading my pc
  4. thats a very good news. btw how do you connect adsense account with bank accounts in Nepal? would you mind describing about it. i googled about it but i didnot understand😅
  5. the specs of this tab is good but i dont know why i dont trust samsung phones and tabs too much. i have a very bad experience with samsung. btw what will be its price? any idea ?
  6. I have original earphones but whenever my dad sees me wearing earphones while charging the laptop i get scolded
  7. This simulator will be helpful for those who have not build a pc yet or who doesnot have knowledge on pc building
  8. that was too be expected after having created too much hype. (dont take this comment in a negative way😅)
  9. lol i dont even have ssd only hdd. time to upgrade my laptop
  10. laws of our country are so poor so maybe because of that economic heads are using that and even if they get arrested they will get out within a week or month
  11. I guess this is just wasting time and effort because the first thing is cryptocurrency is not legal in Nepal so you have to go to another country just to use that currency. though the cryptocurrency has high values, for me its a waste of time. P.S : I only know that cryptocurrency is illegal in Nepal so there is no point in collecting that currency. If i am wrong in any ways please correct me.
  12. yup buddy. the person who buys this will regret when he sees another person having a pc with the same specs. though he can say that this is a limited edition laptop.
  13. it will run hardly in my setup.
  14. I was also pissed off by that fps so i uninstalled the game. there is only one way to fix this problem that is getting high end pc. you can try gfx tool but i donot suggest you to use that because your account might get banned.
  15. Maybe because it is limited edition they have put the price too high. yeah, also building pc has many advantages though it is not portable. i think if we compare laptop and pc with the same specs computer wins though they have same specs.

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