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  1. Liverpool Chelsea Arsenal Manchester United Fulham Draw Tottenham Aston Villa Draw Draw
  2. Absolutely, but the performance seems worthed rather than intel's big money compared to the performance.
  3. Even though the price range, the specs are doing a round around intel. So I think slowly intel would pushed behind. They would seriously have to get the rabbit out of the hat to beat this time around. If they have complimented with the processors then the small price difference wont be much of a problem.
  4. The launch of much anticipated Ryzen 5000 series has created an uproar in the computing market with AMD this move seem to have finally created an obsolence for Intel in the processor market. The main problem with AMD seemed to be the heat dissipated during computing period, but the TDP of 105W is a good upgrade to last series of processors they created. And with the price range of 550$ for a 12 core processor, this processor would not only help hobbyist, enthusiast and gamers but people like me who carryout CAD oriented works, Architectural visualizations. This is resultant of a technical pers
  5. Admin jyu yo pali ta esso yeta tira pani kripa distry sarna paryo ani jitaedina paryo.
  6. Chelsea Everton Manchester City Draw Leicester Draw Arsenal Wolves Manchester United Liverpool
  7. Manchester United Everton Chelsea Draw Leeds Tottenham Manchester City Wolves Fulham Liverpool
  9. Arsenal Southhampton Liverpool Newcastle Leicester Draw Draw Chelsea
  10. Yup certainly but AMD is still 2 yrs behind in regards to the competition. Ryzen was the same case so I think the new navi seems to be touted more. But by my experience of using high end graphics card of both AMD & Nvidia, the main saturation point is the support rather than the device performance itself. So hope they do it fast.
  11. Dont matter what AMD do, Nvidia go on the beat them by a step. Even if it means getting a huge blow to your own products release. That what they did which RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Super and others.
  12. I had bought TitanX Pascal 2-3 yrs back. I paid around 1200$ for it. Going by the looks of it, for that massive performance it is good money. Anyways for a regular gaming person RTX 3090 wouldn't be much of a use rather it is intended to focus towards the people who go for quardo cards.
  13. Facebook Name: Toran Prasad Pandit Team Name: ReaperFC_Gladiators

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