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  1. Answer is B: KDE (Knew from above comment lol😅😅)
  2. I am in dilemma, whether you are asking just to reply any words or answer to that question. Also process for getting 100 CN$ through quiz is being hectic day by day. 🤣
  3. i am actually wondering, how you guys have patience to have game like "forest". i would have uninstalled if it starts to destroy the tree i made while using apps which i programmed to black listed. 🤣
  4. Thanks @CyberNepal #daily_giveaway_75
  5. Thanks @CyberNepal #Weekly_giveaway_winner 8
  6. WTH, do we should message you privately. Some one wanna just learn on casually too. Thats why, it is vetter to explaing rather then asking.
  7. if i could afford then i would have both. Would carry whatever is necessary at that moment or carry both.
  8. After RAM cleaning, you still face same problem, then it woulf be a good idea, once to reboot with new operating system. OS/ software could be the problem too.
  9. Exam ko question banaune umer ma k ko exam aauxa hamro lagi😅
  10. I dont think, unless repairing man have backup of old laptop. Though ask some repairing shop, may they have backup of old ones.
  11. That will have absolutely no meaning, but i myself have experienced that even if you have 720p resolution monitor and you are using 1080p video output then it shows better graphics than 720p video output. But if you have 720p resolution monitor, go for 720p video output which will gives less load to CPU.
  12. Brighton Newcastle Manchester United Leeds Chelsea West Ham Spurs Leicester Liverpool Arsenal
  13. Actually i also tried many things to my oldest phone micromax canvas 3, but regardless of whatever i did, storage problem was never ending. So i threw it in river, lol😅
  14. In my opinion, it is absolutely unfair for other participants. I know the rules and rules are absolute in this giveaway. Either 'participant who won daily giveaway earlier and participated again' should be punished or 'remaining participants should have some compensation'. Isn't that a great idea @Amul?

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