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  1. Most heart breaking to listen. Its just due to how selfish we are. Taking advantage of CN platform just for giveaways and rewards but we forgot to give what CN needed the most. And the most heartbreaking to see is that, they are still wanting to give rewards from the CN$ we collected by redeeming. I know i can't control what decided already. But to those who are just selfish here to take only and give nothing. You are the reason for heartbreaking failure for dream, CN have dreamed off. I don't know what to write. 🥺 And i hope nobody will take more from CN by redeeming. I am out from
  2. One Plus phone, coming out on certain days and gadget lover not being excited is almost impossible. EXCITED. But I can only watch others buying meanwhile using same old phone 😅
  3. It says so but never harm your computer! I agree with him!
  4. Please someone gift me this😀 @ avinash please man!😎
  5. Achkal lastae slow aae raxa ta daily quiz😅 @ avinash D: Aquaman is the correct answer
  6. a.) Infrared is the correct answer!
  7. He and we all have waited since a long time for the announcement of this giveaway. So, i think he deserves some time too for him to come back online. Only question will be; what if he will be never back!
  8. LOL, i might have won more than him! Everything seems fishy, when we are depressed thinking we couldn't won. Chill man! There are lots of other giveaway coming in your door step. Chill & have patience! Giveaway doesn't work in that way. It will choose randomly, either user is 24 hr active or he is inactive since long time!
  9. Burnley Southampton Aston Villa Leicester City Newcastle Liverpool ManCity Spurs Everton Leeds ManCity
  10. Flat rate denotes as it will deliver in your flat, but that doesn't work here in Nepal. So flat rate mean it will deliver your product to nearest possible from their side. Local pickup means you have to visit their official store house( as per my info there are certain places established by Daraz; not many to ease everyone). NOT SURE THOUGH!😀
  11. eSewa is going to give every service in entire Universe one day! 😄 Seems HOD of service digitally.
  12. a.) a Dying star is the correct answer.

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