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  1. Sygdml

    MINECRAFT and VR!!!!

    Teii bro, testo alxi lagne game kasari khelxan sochxu mah chae😴
  2. Sygdml

    MINECRAFT and VR!!!!

    I wonder how other play but i feel bored playing Minecraft.
  3. I felt frustrated and boring playing in mobile. So deleted already. 😅 May be i need some of my friends in close circle to play, so i can i have fun. Untill then let it be in deleted section. Lol 😅
  4. I even don't know how storage itself becomes less, it might be companies ideas to make phone useless. Its just my opinion in your case that it is storage problem. There might be other reason too.
  5. Driver pack solution is a software i use when i dont know which driver to install. I don't know even if this app uses same driver MaxxAudio pro, but i think it use other drivers. I may be wrong too, why not check urself and inform me too 😁
  6. In my old phone micromax canvas 3 , I couldn't even install one apps too. It became that worse and found that it is due to storage problem.
  7. If MaxxAudio pro is a driver and uninstalling it can cause no sound then why not install other audio drivers? Just my thought!
  8. It could be storage problem. Check the storage, generally old phone use phone storage separately and full of storage can cause this message.
  9. If not in rules means u can do that! Isn't it?
  10. Mero laptop nii yesari nae nibthyo, kaile kae taa 5 min mae. But 1 mahina game nakheleko taa kailae nibena. Abha aafae sochnus bro game khelda kina nibxa, obviously over heating problem. Maile jasari check hane ni hunxa!
  11. Actually there are a lot of scammers in every field. So always be smart and buy only from genuine one even it would cost a little more. Also there are a lot of refurbished laptops on market which is of lower price and many customers fell on that trap and bear the consequences much later when you can't claim anything. So be smart guys and buy from genuine store.
  12. Have you bought ticket at last or do you have enough CN$?
  13. There is no news regarding launch of poco x3 but i hope too it will launch soon. And 732 g will be more powerful than 730g.

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