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  1. a 550 to 600W PSU will easily handle the GTX 1070. but you more correct cause we need a long lasting 80+ rated PSU or longevity.
  2. The PSU is new and there should be no problem running the Ryzen 7 2700X and the RTX 2070. I suggest checking the connection on all the PSU and the motherboard. Please check you have the right EPS connector. Using an PCIe connector on the EPS is going to fry your motherboard. Please try checking the system again with the old PSU. If it works, means the new PSU is damaged.
  3. Not all AIB partner cards run slower than the FE edition cards. Yes there is binning in the process which allows Nvidia to get the best silicon. But companies usually pump more voltage to GPU giving the same performance. Plus compared to the FE edition cards, the powerful cards like MSI Gaming Trio X or the ROG series cards are capable of overclocking. They have a custom PCB and great VRM providing higher overclocking potential. But the capable cards are quite expensive so there are some tradeoffs between the FE and the custom cards.
  4. The government has to lower the taxes and the import cost on these products. The price inflation on these GPU are huge costing a arm and leg for an average nepali. The bigger GPU's have their own big price gap but the budget GPU's like GTX 1650 cross over freaking 25K. Now that is quite depressing for the Nepali PC building comunity. The GPU pricing are the ones alludes people get a laptop rather than build a PC. Sad reality of the Nepali gamer.
  5. Okay! This is the dumbest thing i have seen on the internet. RGB is going way far, to the places where it is not supposed to be. I dont think this will be a great product. The moisture etc needs to be kept in check. Plus the heat from the led might cause heating in the mask. DUMB product from my viewpoint
  6. I am seeing Core i5 9400F? and you dont have a graphics card? this question doesn't make any sense here. the Core i5 9400F has no iGPU meaning it requires an GPU to run it. I guess you have an confusion, Please clarify and give an updated information about your system. For Gaming: Okay you don't have an graphics card. so better take the GTX 1660 Super. It wont bottleneck the system in any ways. You need to have an solid GPU. The Core i3 is an 4 cores 4 threads processor. It has great single core performance good for gaming purpose. You can squeeze much more out of the Core i3 - 8100.
  7. It is a type of merchandising. I don't know what is their intent. It might be that the are asking the people to get healthy. Hahahah might be an analogy. But are they trying to fund their research using the money from their merchendise? We dont know but it looks cool to own an AMD Bicycle.
  8. So if you are building a Ryzen PC, it does perform good in games. But for better performance and lower frame latency, I suggest you using the Core i5 - 9400f. It is an 6 cores 6 thread processor. The single core clock speed and the performance of the Core i5 is way better than the Ryzen 5 3600. It cost 20000 Nrs if you get a good deal. You are saving up 9K, get a decent gaming GPU like the GTX 1070 or 1060 better than GTX 1650.
  9. Mero kura manchau bhanea go with Intel aru lea j bhanea ni Intel is best in single core performance and has high clock speed. ahilea timro budget thorai cha, i suggest taking an Core i3 9th gen ( 10th gen mahungo cha GPU ko lagi thau huaina) 8GB RAM cheaper H110 or B360 motherboard leu bhanchu. B360 chai best suggestion. aba PSU ta antec ko V550 leu ra storage ma 256GB SATA SSD or 1TB 7200RPM HDD. GPU ko kura garda thulo maha mari problem huncha RX 570 ta RX 580 pauna garo cha. Second hand kita box packed model 22.8K ma dirako dekhirako chu. natra your only hope is 1650 or the 1050Ti. I'll edi
  10. Welcome to the land of Nepal, where we cant get stuff. 1.20 lakhs is an difficult price to suggest laptop. Aba timlea Acer Nitro 5 i7 8th gen 1050 version pauchau which is already an older laptop doesn't have great value. Aba halka thapyo bhanea Core i7 with 1650 auncha at 1.30 aba mathi gayo 10 hajar. aru option hereu MSI prestige 15 under 1.20 wow that is nice but you will be getting Core i5 10th gen with MX250. tyo mx 250 2gb lea timro editing ramrii dhanna sakdaina. VRAM na pugera performance dip huncha arko tanab. Nepali seller haru ghata khanna khojdainan tesaile most of the laptop
  11. MacBook are an hassle to repair and the cost increases significantly looking at the repair task at hand. Your MacBook Pro is quite old and reparing it will not be benificial in the long run and just becomes an added waste. On top of that after 2 years Apple will surely remove the support for the Macbook Pro. So this is what I suggest: Try getting a new MacBook Pro. You will get an warranty and updates cause it is an new product. I don't know about your workload whether you edit heavy 4K RAW videos or do light editing on stock 1080p videos. But you want the best performance and pricing
  12. This is an hard price point to find a gaming laptop. There are few option likes Asus Vivobook, Acer Aspire 5, Dell Inspiron 3000 series which boast an MX 150 or MX 230 dedicated graphics card. The 2 GB of graphics will be enough to run esports title in 1080p low settings. Advise taking a Core i5 - 8th Generation or Core i5 - 1065g7 with an dedicated GPU. If you are looking for the AMD option, I suggest you getting the Ryzen 4000 series APU models. They have better single core performance benefical to gaming. But you will need to install more RAM like 8GB or 16GB as the memory is shared w
  13. it isn't mainly for the hardcore gamers, it only applies to the professional like in Video editing. I don't see any use of the eGPU in the gaming aspect. Presents a lot of bottlenecking in the system. It isn't good for gaming nor for the professional work. But you can squeeze more performance in editing work rather than gaming. Even though it is gaming focused product, it isn't beneficial in gaming.
  14. Are you looking to upgrade your system in the future? If no then I suggest you buying MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX, tara if you will be upgrading the system I suggest taking good X570 motherboard, aba jastai Asus Prime X570-P (barebones) or MSI X570 Gaming Plus. You have the money and invest garchau bhanea get the higher-end boards like X570 Aorus Elite or Master, AsRock Taichi X570 etc. Or stick with a known brand featuring rock solid VRM and power phase
  15. In professional game the Pick ban phase will be helpful. Banning Sova makes a lot of leeway for Viper and her abilities. For last picking Viper when there is no Sova in opponent. Yeah, there is lack of agents but after introducing more agents the META can be played around quite a bit.

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