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  1. Greetings CNers It is the time of the year for joy and celebration. So here we are wishing you a Happy and Fun packed Dashain 2020 on behalf of the entire CN team. It has been a rough year for all of us, and may this be the time that marks the beginning of a future that's full of light and promises! Take a bow, pat yourself on the back, hug your family, and spread love all around at the doors of this auspicious festival of our long standing culture. It is the time where families meet. Bonds are formed; repaired. The entire CN team wishes you the strength and wisdom to embo
  2. Congratulations @ mrTedee

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    1. mrTedee


      WOW!!!! Nice! Thanks everyone who voted and who supported throughout the streaming session! Thanks CyberNepal 😄

  3. Dear Streamers As announced few days ago, we are awarding 5000 CN$ to the best Streamer as "Cyber Nepal Best streamer of the week". So, here we are , starting the trend with the best streamer of the week right here right now. We will be posting the winners in this mega thread from hereon. Let's Go Streamer !!! Come show what you've got !!! CONGRATULATIONS @ mrTedee BEST STREAMER OF THE WEEK ( week 1 )
  4. CONGRATULATIONS !! 1) @ sakshyam khanal https://cybernepal.com/topic/1099-everything-about-fps/ 2) @sotaki https://cybernepal.com/topic/1130-budget-friendly-gaming-mouse-under-1000-nrs/
  5. When we started the server their weren't much people so we have paused it. It will relunch soon if there are enough players for us to keep the server open. We will restart it soon.


  7. Haha i was just checking the game myself and the first thing that came in my mind was rocket league.
  8. CONGRATULATIONS !! 1) @ Beecase https://cybernepal.com/topic/954-mobile-phones-according-to-your-budget/ 2) @ sakshyam khanal https://cybernepal.com/topic/1066-how-to-improve-aiming-like-pro/
  9. Congratulations winner !! 1st Prize - @Smile pnt 2nd Prize - @SnAcKriFice 3rd Prize - @I.m_Yabi
  10. COngratulations !! @ Zero Grey LInk of the post : https://cybernepal.com/topic/1045-amd-zen-3-keynotes-what-to-look-out-for-whats-new-and-what-changed/
  11. @sotaki Congratulations !! POst Link : https://cybernepal.com/topic/924-five-cheapest-pc-at-daraznp/ @Anjali Congratulations !! Post Link : https://cybernepal.com/topic/613-need-to-find-a-better-mouse/#comment-6195 @Man of Culture Congratulations !! Post Link :
  12. PUBG CLASSIC NIGHTS Vol-2 is the extension of the PUBG Mobile one-week long league organized by Cyber Nepal. Give yourself a chance to participate in amazing giveaways and redeem the items of your dreams!!


  13. CONGRATULATIONS !! @Aneec @avinav.ranjit @Manish9813

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