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  1. Aston Villa Manchester City Crystal Palace Chelsea Liverpool Southampton Draw Arsenal Draw Tottenham Hotspurs
  2. Liverpool Chelsea Manchester city Manchester United Sheffield United Crystal Palace Tottenham Leicester City Draw Wolves
  3. Chelsea Everton Manchester City draw Leicester Southampton Arsenal draw Manchester United Liverpool
  4. Apple should come up with something new and creative for the 12. Hope its not the quad camera.😪
  5. I think custom built is better. It costs less and Building a PC by ourselves would be a great experience and fun. One can buy prebuilt as well but some untrusted suppliers may even use old and unnoticable damaged components as well. One can be confident about the parts if bought by oneself.
  6. Manchester united draw chelsea southampton draw tottenham manchester city west ham draw liverpool
  7. Among us or Fall guys Stream would be great. that would be fun 😮
  8. Everton Leeds Manchester united Arsenal Tottenham Newcastle Liverpool Leicester Draw Manchester City 🙂
  9. My windows is deactivated. I was trying to change my wallpaper but seems i can't. Is there any way to activate windows without buying the key?? Help.
  10. Arsenal Southampton Liverpool New Castle Leicester City Tottenham Draw Chelsea 🙂
  11. yeah thanks for your help. all of you 🙂
  12. I wont do such heavy video editing. I will just learn it. I wan a pc primarily for gaming 🙂 and i decided i will go for a desktop 🙂 @AshimkunwoR
  13. @Panda_Mafia I was thinking the same but Idk why I am really striving to build my own custom pc. But i still got time to think it over. 🙂 Thanks. @MaTuAG yeah I found the price of laptops very absurd. Seems i should go for a desktop. 🙂 thanks.

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