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  1. Question : What is the name of Batman's City? Is there a way to *not* know this? 😛 Options : a.) Metropolis b.) Wakanda c.) Gotham d.) New-York *Please answer on Facebook first.
  2. Hello Everyone!! After a little mid-week Extended Game-week fun, the time is yet again here. Let us cheer for our teams and meanwhile predict the winners to win ourselves. During this period of overwhelming Football action, we are sure this GameWeek will be more than just exciting and rewarding because there an extra game yet again for all of us! Additionally, teams strive to push their names up the table as Manchester City continues to dominate. All teams are ready and so are we all with the pundits within us. Let us gear up our analytical selves because we are back with -
  3. Question : Where was Thor's Hammer forged? You are one! Options : a.) a Dying star b.) a Dying Planet c.) a Quasar d.) a Black Hole *Please answer on Facebook first.
  4. Question : How does the Hulk get his powers? Simple eh? Options : a.) Alpha Radiation b.) Beta Decay c.) Gamma Radiation d.) Norse Gods *Please answer on Facebook first
  5. Wish I could participate too 😭 @sotakiis a rich man now 😄 Congrats buddy!!
  6. Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, tweeted last week that we can expect Starlink Internet to be faster. He said that Starlink satellite internet could achieve speeds of up to 300 Mbps. Additionally, Musk also claimed that the latency will be approximately 20 ms. While a 300 Mbps speed isn't something the world will see first time, such speeds over satellite internet is certainly new. Furthermore, with the range nearly covering the entire earth, the scope of Satrlink internet remains immense. Currently users are getting an average latency of about 40 ms on Starlink Internet. According
  7. Question : Which was the most played PC games on Raptr in November 2015, by playing time? You can take a guess and you'll probably be right! Options: a.) Dota 2 b.) World of Warcraft c.) World of Tanks d.) Hearthstone *Please answer on Facebook first.
  8. Question :- Which Day of the week did Spotify launch in Nepal? You know this eh Options :- a.) Sunday b.) Friday c.) Saturday d.) Monday *Please answer on facebook first.

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