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  1. Delete Carefully If you are anything like me, you probably have the habit of deleting files which you 'think' you do not need; only to realize later that it was important after all. Thankfully, google drive kept those files for you, but not anymore! According to reports, Google is changing its trash policy starting on the 13th of October. Now files in Trash is going to be deleted automatically in 30 days. This change applies to all google services including photos and email. OLD FILES? Before this, Google kept your files in Trash no matter how old they were. I personally h
  2. The client and the website connects to the server differently @Anjali
  3. Hey, why don't you go through this thread once. There is another thread linked to it. I think it'll help you find useful info! Also, the G403 cuts down on the palm space as compared to so that transition is quite an ask anyway!
  4. There can be two possible reasons. 1. Problem with your ISP - I'm using Worldlink and its working fine for me. (Both on the client and the website) - Try and test using mobile data. 2. Other programs. Did you install any new program since last night? Anti-viruses, VPNs, firewall, and even download managers (IDM, P2P clients like torrent) can cause this issue. I've seen people complain about IDM quite a lot, so defo check for that!
  5. I was just looking at it, not bad imo
  6. Please go thorough this thread once, maybe it will help 🙂
  7. GOW trailer is insane!!!! 🤩 I just saw, ps5 exclusive? 😢
  8. The Issue with Speed Nepal was ranked 110 out of 145 countries in terms of Mobile internet speed. Also, for fixed broadband, we are ranked 114. Nepal has fallen by 3 ranks and 2 ranks, compared to previous rankings in Mobile internet speed and Fixed broadband respectively. Nepal's fixed broadband average is just over 20 Mbps whereas the World' average is over 80Mbps, where Singapore occupies the top spot. While we hear of the world achieving tremendous speeds as well as the onset of fast satellite internet in the form of Musk's Star-link, we seem to be trailing behind.
  9. MATE 40's EUROPEAN QUEST Huawei Mobile UK announced that the new Huawei Mate 40 phones will be unveiled soon. While this news was somewhat unexpected in the face of the UK's ban on Huawei 5G infrastructure, the prospectus is exciting nonetheless. There were rumors that Huawei's flagships won't be hitting European markets anytime soon, however, that doesn't appear to be the case anymore. Despite this tug-of-war between governments, the new Kirin 9000 is something that caught our eyes. WHAT'S NEW ABOUT THE KIRIN 9000? Several reports claim that the processor used in t
  10. I share your concern @baka It does boost your performance, however, at what cost. There's only so much a machine can do!
  11. THE E-SCOOTER ENTRY The startup formed at IIT-Hyderabad is planning to take its market international by launching the Epluto7G E-scooter in Nepal by the end of October. The creators have built this E-scooter especially accounting for the usual troubles you face in developing countries which is why the company will begin testing its potential in the international market starting with Nepal. One of the biggest challenges in developing countries is battery, and navigability because of the lack of high standard roads. In addition to that, the company also realizes the market for 2-wheel
  12. Here's a step by step: 1. Sign up at http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ 2. Create a team and pick players 3. While picking players keep in mind, their next matches. For instance, if Kiko Casilla is your Goalkeeper and the next game they play is against City of Liverpool, then her's not a good choice as there's a high probability that he'll concede. 4. Strikers get points for goals scored. Midfielders for goals and assists. Defenders for clean-sheets and goals, and so on. Its dynamic. 5. You have an option to select a captain, your captain's point is doubled. 6. I
  13. THE FIRST OF THE FALL Apple just had their event Time Flies which came with a lot of exciting news, though not stimulating to people expecting to hear about iPhone developments. The company had announcements surrounding Apple Watches and iPads. This was Apple's first Autumn (Fall) event and like the previous event, it was held online without even the most selective group of people on-site like Tesla wants to do. THE MAIN ANNOUNCEMENTS BLOOD OXYGEN MONITORING IN APPLE WATCH SERIES 6 Powered by the S6 chip (based on A13 Bionic), the Apple Watch Series 6 houses a new sensor th

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