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  1. I bought Redmi earphones but managed to break them as well. Warranty doesn't cover breaking apparently so I am seeking an over-the-ear Headphone for, primarily, Music and Secondarily, Gaming! Please help. I prefer wired headphones with single TRRS connector, I don't trust cheap bluetooth headphones for gaming because of latency. My budget is 3k please help!!
  2. Snapchat released a new short-video feed service called 'Spotlight' amidst big competitors like TikTok and Instagram Reels. The new feature will allow users to view video content from popular content creators and other users on the app similar to what TikTok does. Spotlight is housed within the Snapchat app itself like Reels in Instagram. The need to download a 3rd party application promotes usage, however, it is still unclear about how these 'extension' like features do compares to a standalone app like TikTok. Snapchat aims to broaden connections within the app by allowing video c
  3. The PubG Mobile Global Championship, PMGC, is set to kick-off today with 24 team from all around the world competing for the grand prize-pool of $2 Million. The league will continue for four weeks until the 20th of December and will be played on both weekdays and weekends. Because of the COVID pandemic, the league will take place online similar to the PMPLs and even the PMWL season 0. Unlike the PMWL season 0, there will not be a seeding round in the PMGC to group the teams together. The organizers have already decided the groups based on a number of
  4. With the release of Apple's first M1 powered MacBooks, the tech world has been shocked by the actual performance of these machines after they created much anticipated hype on papers. Apple's processing prowess had yet been measured in its A-series chips for iPhones and iPads which remains unmatched since more than a decade. The change, however, recently transformed the way we see laptops and our expectations surrounding these machines. Ever since Apple announced the move to an entirely new breed of processors for its MacBooks, there had been much anticipation which was closely matched by
  5. I personally use forest everyday. Helps me loads - I still am skeptical about the actual impact, but it feels good to have the environmental altruism which motivates me to work!
  6. Tech Giant Google has been adding features to its RCS messaging feature ever since the conception of the service. The company aims to match iMessage - a popular messaging feature for iPhone users that doesn't require a cellular connection unlike traditional SMS services. One of the latest additions, in terms of features, to hit Google RCS service is the end-to end encryption. This means that messages from users are encrypted and decrypted locally in the users' devices. As opposed to server encryption, ene-to-end encryption ensures that even Google isn't able to see the messages being tra
  7. Shawshank Forrest Gump Silence of The Lambs Gone Girl Fight Club Pulp Fiction... can't list them all lol, I could go on and on forever
  8. For me, In terms of browsing, I felt like it was slow as well, however, minimizing, opening up new tasks, multitasking etc. was much better with Firefox running in the background than chrome and else. Arguably, but the updates seem promising. And we are yet to see anything exciting and new from Brave.
  9. Shortly after Google Chrome releases its major update, Mozilla has followed with the release of version 83.0 of the Gecko engine based Firefox Browser. According to official website, the browser is now up to 15% faster in terms of launch speed. The page loading speed is also reported to be 12% faster than the previous version of the browser. New features in version 83.0 also includes an HTTPS-only mode, Picture-in-picture mode, and the ever longed pinch-to-zoom feature that users had been complaining about since forever on several online forums including Mozilla support.
  10. Sums it all up right? That Accent is THE BEST!
  11. We do in fact @Amul, Why not just keep this to movies only. For the series people if you have missed the other thread, here it is :
  12. Popular internet browser Google Chrome has reportedly received its final update for 2020 which comprises of major performance boost. The update has focused on faster launch, faster loading, better resource management, as well as better battery backup. The official blog post by Matt Waddell, director of product for Google Chrome, claimed that this is perhaps the largest improvement in performance that Chrome has seen in years! Image : Google Looking at the changes The major change comes in form of Google Chrome's tab priority. According to the announcement post, Chro
  13. It's just a concept design @ Beecase. I am rooting for the most expensive ever
  14. New Report suggest that Apple is allegedly working on foldable phones that is set to be released in September 2022. It also mentions that the company is 'actively' working on a prototype at this point in time. Taiwanese firm money.udn published this report which claimed that Apple is working with Taiwanese companies Hon Hai, and Nippon Nippon to provide the company with materials for this new iPhone model. The foldable iPhone could feature OLED screens which will be supplied by Samsung. The report mentions that Apple is currently testing the screen and the hinges for the foldable iP

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