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  1. I am not sure if you'll be able to get a decent phone at that price point. Closest I can think of is the One Plus 7 which is about 35K IC on Flipkart, so you'll have to go 8K over your budget. I am sure there are alternatives I think @ [email protected] sakshyam [email protected] RedEyecould help you out here
  2. After a long period of four-and-a-half months, and countless rumors and speculations, news has been surfacing once again about the imminent arrival of PubG Mobile India. PubG Mobile was banned in India in September following tensions between India and China. Many other apps having Chinese connections were banned which included PubG Mobile because of its distributor Tencent, which is a Chinese company. The rumors assumed a myriad of involvement after popular PubG content creator Maxtern tweeted that if there is no big news between 15th and 20th Jan, he will delete his twitter accoun
  3. Question : Which Machine Gun Do you get in Airdrops in PubG Mobile? Poetry of 100 bullets if you know what I mean! Options : a.) MK14 b.) DP-28 c.) Mpk5 d.) M249 *Please answer on facebook first!
  4. Its not very common, but some people have had that experience. However, it is unclear if that happened because of Omlet Arcade or something else that people did
  5. There were 32 Levels in Mario original. 4 levels each across 8 worlds.
  6. Question : What is M4A4's reload time in CS:GO ? I can tell, very low 😛 Options : a.) 3.4 s b.) 3.1 s c.) 3.2 s d.) 3.6 s *please answer on Facebook first.
  7. Bethesda teased a new Indiana Jones game on the 12th of January. Bethesda's new game project came as quite a surprise for fans as it has remained in complete darkness until the official teaser dropped. While the announcement was a brief teaser video by Bethesda, any details of the game is yet to surface. The game is reportedly being developed by MachineGames who are the makers behind the Wolfenstein franchise. Todd Howard, Bethesda boss, will serve as the executive producer for the upcoming title. The game is being developed under the Lucasfilm Games label which is part of Be
  8. Question : How many levels did the Super Mario Bros have excluding Bonus levels? Save the princess c'mon you all!! Options : a.) 32 b.) 51 c.) 24 d.) 64 *Please answer on Facebook first.
  9. Hello everyone, The videos are now posted on Facebook. Make sure you share your video and gather more likes on 'the official post' to increase your chances of winning the mega cash prize!!! Here's the link to the playlist where you can find all your videos - https://www.facebook.com/watch/2149978308658493/400710211005576 @[email protected]@[email protected] [email protected]@Aayusha [email protected]@[email protected] [email protected] sakshyam khanal
  10. Dear all -- Since there's absolute chaos right now concerning the matches, we have decided to award 50 CN$ to everyone who has made a prediction for the updated Tottenham match against Fulham. Thank you.
  11. Alarm.com has revealed a product that'll cure one's fears of getting COVID by touching doorbells! The touch-less bell does not rely on visitors pressing the bell, rather it rings the alarm as visitors stand on the doormat which is connected to the entire security system developed by the manufacturers. Image : Alarm.com Youtube Capture The system also alerts visitors to stand on the doormat if they fail to do so by detecting movement in the internal camera installed at the door. Alarm.com claims that this is the world's first commercially available doorbell that rings wit
  12. Question: Which on of these is a Sub-Machine gun? Lets gooo!! Options : a.) M416 b.) AKM c.) Mini Uzi d.) SCAR *Please answer on Facebook first.

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