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  1. Well, Most of you got it right. Its the FZR 2000
  2. Question : What was the name of the Special Car (popularly 'cheat' car) in NFS 2 : SE ? It was the red beauty 😄 Options : a.) Maclaren F1 b.) Lotus B c.) FZR 2000 d.) Impala 69 Please answer on Facebook first.
  3. Abrupt Slayers is the correct answer. They also managed to win a game yesterday, still they find themselves in the bottom half of the table - For now.
  4. Question : What was the first commercially successful video game? I was surprises, however it resembles a sport Options : a.) Pong b.) Donkey Kong Country c.) Super Mario Bros d.) Shaq Fu *Please answer on Facebook first.
  5. PubG mobile global championship finals is set to kick off later today evening at 4:45 PM on PubG Mobile eSports youtube channel. Image : PubG Mobile YouTube Capture After a myriad of non-stop action in the PMGC group stages, the 16 qualifying teams are ready to take on each other at the grand stage of the Finals. The finals will take place as a LAN event at the Coca-Cola arena in Dubai which has a capacity of 17,000 people. There will be no live audience however because of the still existing COVID protocols. Chinese team 4 Angry Men had won the group stage of the PubG Mo
  6. Question : PubG Mobile Global Championship kicks off today, which Nepali team is playing in it? Easy CN$ to kick off a proud moment!! Options : a.) Deadeye Guys b.) Team Hype c.) Elementrix d.) Abrupt Slayers *Please answer on Facebook first.
  7. NFS was released for the 3DO console in 1994, but it wasn't until 1996 that the game made it to the playstation.
  8. content will require certifications under ipfs. Like I mentioned Benet's quote "Content-addressing allows us to verify the data too, because other hosts may be untrusted"
  9. Brave browser has just taken a step towards IPFS, which is a web protocol that is decentralized as opposed to the HTTP. HTTP is currently the ruling protocol that dictates how data is shared over the internet. Image : Brave Brave is finally going to offer users an integrated support for IPFS protocol which is a peer-to-peer networking protocol which is going to change the ways of the internet to the core. The IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), which is a relatively unknown protocol, stands against the dominant HTTP, and promises faster file transfer, fewer network failures, an
  10. As most of you said correctly - It was Anakin Skywalker who chose the dark side of the Force.
  11. Question : What year was the first Need For Speed game released for PlayStation? It has been a while tbh haha Options : a.) 1994 b.) 2000 c.) 1996 d.) 1999
  12. Question : What is Darth Vader's Real Name? Come to the Dark Side! Options : a.) Luke b.) Obi c.) Anakin d.) Kwana *Please answer on Facebook first.
  13. After years of speculations and announcements, the Nepal Government has finally launched the Nagarik app in its beta state. The app is designed to deliver Governmental services online. Image : Nagarik App Logo The app is soon expected to integrate all essential government services using the eGovernment platform so that citizens can avoid the hassle of having to visit Government offices for any kind of work. The idea for this app had been propagated by the PM's IT advisor in early 2019. Since then the app has been talked about on several IT events plotting its imminent ar
  14. As most of you guessed it. The answer is League of Legends!
  15. Question : Who leads the Flock in Angry Birds? Its the angry one 😄 Options : a.) Red b.) Blue c.) Jimmy d.) Nate *Please answer on Facebook first.
  16. As all of you guessed, the answer here is 60 players.
  17. Question : In 2014, which game's championship had more viewers than 3 of the major sport's championships like the Super Bowl? I was a little surprised but it wasn't too far! Options : a.) Dota 2 b.) Call Of Duty c.) League Of Legends d.) Fortnite *Please answer on Facebook first.
  18. Question : In popular game Fall Guys, how many people can play against each other in one game? We saw all the streams, we know 😁 Options : a.) 4 b.) 60 c.) 22 d.) 101 *Please answer on Facebook first.
  19. I am not sure if you'll be able to get a decent phone at that price point. Closest I can think of is the One Plus 7 which is about 35K IC on Flipkart, so you'll have to go 8K over your budget. I am sure there are alternatives I think @ [email protected] sakshyam [email protected] RedEyecould help you out here
  20. After a long period of four-and-a-half months, and countless rumors and speculations, news has been surfacing once again about the imminent arrival of PubG Mobile India. PubG Mobile was banned in India in September following tensions between India and China. Many other apps having Chinese connections were banned which included PubG Mobile because of its distributor Tencent, which is a Chinese company. The rumors assumed a myriad of involvement after popular PubG content creator Maxtern tweeted that if there is no big news between 15th and 20th Jan, he will delete his twitter accoun
  21. Question : Which Machine Gun Do you get in Airdrops in PubG Mobile? Poetry of 100 bullets if you know what I mean! Options : a.) MK14 b.) DP-28 c.) Mpk5 d.) M249 *Please answer on facebook first!

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