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  1. OP Tank Gameplay by KAJi | Kyros
  2. @CrazyGeek Thanks a newb on this site. thanks a lot @ avinash thanks a lot
  3. How do we earn reputation? There's no specific guide on it. If there is please provide me a link. Reputation count : 0 Sad trombone noise.
  4. user id is enough. But we are currently out of stock bro!
  5. Mobile legends is notorious for bringing events that take a lot of diamonds. A lot of criticism and comparison with its unreleased counterpart(LOLWR, League of Legends WildRift) is that Mobile Legends is charging a very premium price for the skins it offers. Skins in other games are a lot cheaper comparatively. And here comes another scam event where we have to role 58x(the first 2 is free, 58 requires either recharge or spending diamonds). for a confirmed epic skin from the pool. BEWARE! THe pool contains venom skins (which is epic rarity). The only skins worthwhile are Kaja
  6. Discounts are currently unavailable due to very limited stocks. After the new stocks arrive. I will post an update here!

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