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  1. Liverpool Chelsea Manchester City Manchester United Sheffield United Crystal Palace Tottenham Leicester City Burnley Wolves
  2. haha might be. Despite what any reasonable person would believe, Youtube is not profitable (huge storage and distribution costs as well as a huge employee base). It should've been but Susan Wojcicki's lousy leadership is definitely running the company to the ground. After years of big companies backing out of Youtube Advertising (Ad apocalypse) a lot their Ad revenue comes from smaller advertisers. But since their ad form is video, small advertisers' success is limited through Youtube. Unlike Facebook where the ad audience can be much more targeted and the Ad set up is much easier, You
  3. I ve had mixed experience with worldlink's public wifi. Sometimes it is good and sometimes I want to smack my phone. Facebook is most likely gonna pay for the service. So, it is gonna be better than Worldlink's solo attempt.
  4. Express Wifi by Facebook is a initiative by Facebook to increase Wifi connectivity across the world. Express Wifi is currently available in Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania and it is finally coming to Nepal too. Facebook is teaming up with WorldLink for this initiative. The Public Wifi will be available in 7500 locations across Nepal similar to what Worldlink already does with its free wifi available in public places (except much better). Worldlink said it has plans to expand the service to over 30000 locations across the country.
  5. Yes that is definitely the scammy part. Just now I saw a post in PCMR Nepal saying this page Ek Se Ek was a scam because they charged high prices. The key difference between a scam and not scam is transparency, if the seller is transparent about the product and the prices then it is not a scam.
  6. I saw the SS and that thing couldve been prevented if guy from AKKU just said ok suggestions noted or sth. But that guy went full egomaniac. Nepali people need to learn the essence of customer is always right. Kunyo is going viral all over FB rn. Just now I saw a post in Entrepreneurs Nepal and that group has 90k members.
  7. Bro the screenshots aren't loading for me so I don't have the context. Can you repost them or sth? Also, charging high prices is not a scam. It certainly isn't good for the customer but it is what it is.
  8. It would be some what comedic if they are hacked because just a few days ago, they were handed the ISO certification for security in IT
  9. Paytm recently launched a mini app store. Why is it called a mini app store? Well, the app store is right within the Paytm app and it hosts only Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). What are PWAs? PWAs are extremely light and browser-based apps and are basically there to provide a better UI to users. Paytm's ban from the Play Store has become old news at this point. Paytm was banned from the Play store last month for violating its online gambling and contents guidelines. Basically, Google removed Paytm from Play Store because Google says Paytm allowed harmful practices like online gamblin
  10. Chelsea Everton Manchester City Newcastle Leicester Southampton Arsenal Wolves Tottenham Liverpool
  11. Age of Empires is like one of my fav games. Ultra underrated.
  12. i must be in a mental institution because I wrote it
  13. I don't think I need to breakdown Among US. Here are some strategies and tips to make sure you win. This is pretty unorganized I must say. This is very long so might as well call it the most comprehensive guide to Among US. If you follow this, you will hover around 90% win-rate as a crewmate. For imposters, it is not as certain, as at the end of the day is more on you (I'll explain below). The strategies mentioned below are mostly for crewmates. So, as an imposter, make sure to use these against them. Disclaimer: My experience with the 2nd map is limited. So, if some strategies me

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