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  1. 12 ko exam lee sarai dukha payooo my lordten.thumb.jpg.ba75edba053029e63b46d608f2b97899.jpg

    1. Amul


      All the best !!! YNWA !!!


    2. shakya


      Thanks mate....YNWA

  2. Screen_Recording_20201029-123528_Messenger.mp4 Screen_Recording_20201029-123528_Messenger.mp4 Screen_Recording_20201029-123528_Messenger.mp4 Screen_Recording_20201029-123528_Messenger.mp4 Screen_Recording_20201029-122256_Messenger_1 (1).mp4 Screen_Recording_20201029-122256_Messenger_1 (1).mp4 #csgo some funny and insane flicks and clutches Screen_Recording_20201029-122256_Messenger_1 (1).mp4 Screen_Recording_20201029-123051_Messenger.mp4 Screen_Recording_20201029-123051_Messenger.mp4 S
  3. shakya

    Amongus Blender

  4. Animated amgusvideo0001-0250.mp4 a very very short among us with the help of blender  
  5. shakya

    Dount InBlender

    sorry for late reply....watch blender gurus video in youtube, he wlll teach you sorry for late reply, i was new to blender so i took very long time to understand the tools in blender sorry for late reply, if you want to learn watch this donut making video made by blenderguru, this is a beginner level he teaches you how to make and animate and helps you understnad what tools is used specific purpose.it is of about 5hr long
  6. shakya

    Blender 3D

    Poly style cottage search for Grantabbit to learn
  7. leeds manchester city crystal palace manchester united liverpool everton wolves arsenal brighton tottenham
  8. liverpool chelsea manchester city manchester united sheffield united crystal palace tottenham leicester city burnley leeds \
  9. sonic hedgedog 2 is free on steam get it now beofre it expires
  10. shakya

    Dount InBlender

    finally finished creating the donut from Blenderguru. Took 47hrs for this simple thing.

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