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  1. Well, it depends upon the condition of the second hand flagship phones.No one sells his own phones without any reason.You must inspect the phone before buying.If the phone's working condition is well ,i will surely buy second flagships if it's price is in budget range.Also ask for imei matching box from the seller cause there are thefts everywhere.We have to make sure that it;s his own phone.
  2. @BeecaseIt comes with the latest bluteooth connectivity "Bluetooth 5" which can transmit data at 2 Mbps, while the old one "bluetooth 4.2" had a maximum of 1 Mbps. It can communicate with another device up to 800 feet away, while Bluetooth 4.2 was limited to a distance of 200 feet (Without any obstacles).Looking at these upgrades, i don't think there will be a noticeable sound delay while playing games too. @Ramdai Exactly , i too have faced the similar problems regarding bluetooth headphones .The battery low notification sound annoys the most.But ,when talking about the Mi latest rel
  3. In my opinion,As being a Chinese company there is a high probabilty that india may also ban huawei phones. As we know that the relationship between US and india is getting better these days.Keeping the bond , india will surely take action against chinese brand huawei too.India is a huge market for smartphones,so it will definitely create a barrier to huawei for a perfect comeback.
  4. And also Don't use non-branded batteries. Get a battery replacement from an authorized service centre.Because There is no way to know if they have passed standard safety regulations. A cheaper alternative could damage your device.
  5. @introloud Yeah , most of the mi phones do have heating issues.looking at the performance ,we also don't have any better option in this price segment .
  6. I think , you must wait until international flight starts to operate as normal . As borders of many countries are still closed and there is only chartered rescue flights available. If the flights operates regulary then you will surely find a way to import your favourite device to nepal. I don't have any info about the supplier but thought you can request someone after the flights are open.
  7. By adding extra 1k you will have two options i.e Redmi note 8 and Redmi Note 9 . If you want better processor, i think note 8 is a good option. But if you want a greater battery life ,then go for redmi note 9 . Both phones are good at this price range .You will not regret buying any of these.
  8. Did you Guys have bought a smartphone or laptops in a price more than it's MRP during this Covid19 period? If 'yes ' then,Which Device you Bought?And How much you paid?I found many peoples paying extra money to get the same phone here in nawalparasi. Let's find out if it's everywhere or just in some places.Please be free to share.
  9. @Bibek_ I haven't felt such kind of difference yet ,as i am also using MI powerbanks and Earbuds. My previous phone was redmi note 8 pro but now ,i am using vivo v11 pro. I am glad that the powerbanks supports Quick charge on v11 pro too.I am fan of Mi Accessories but their price in nepal upsets me .
  10. One of the best solution to the full screen display, where there is no notch and bezels in smartphone is obviously a UnderDisplay Camera Technology. Under display Camera phones which are available right now produce blury photos Which is washed out in Nature. But, Xiaomi's Newly Announced Underdisplay Camera phone May take well selfie Photos .Xiaomi Announced on Aug 27 that they will produce the underdisplay camera phone starting next year 2021.They released the video via there official youtube channel showcasing the underdisplay camera phone, they are working on.Xiaomi e
  11. If you want to buy now ,buy redmi note 8 pro .The price varies according to the three different storage variants . Around 27k for 6/64 GB , 30k for 6/128 GB and 33 k for 8/128GB .Redmi note 8 pro still has one of the best processor ,while comparing with other phones of same price range .
  12. The XIAOMI NEPAL has launched the Redmi sonic Bass Wireless Earphones with the Astonishing features . They claims that they are among the first in the world to launch this earphone .The Redmi sonic Bass wireless earphone comes in a Neckband Design which is IPX4 Splash & Sweat Proof.Xiaomi Devices are well known as "the devices with greater battery backup" ,Keeping the trend together this xiaomi's wireless device can lasts upto 12 hours in a single charge. Here are the Key features You must know:- playback time - 12 Hours Audio Quality- Superior Sound with
  13. Conversation will surely be better when we see the facial expression of person we are talking to. Putting a display in a mask and expressing via emojis is a bit a crazy idea😁😁..will be more interesting if they add quality wire headphones with it.
  14. Drones will surely used for multipurposes, if the law were made in favor of them..i was amazed looking at This video where Dji Drones were helping fight malaria which is one of the deadly disease.
  15. If they come with snapdragon 765 G processor then will not beat 865+ and A13 in terms of performance.But ,i think google will give a tough competition when it comes to camera performance.

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