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  1. For all the fans of FM, its going on sale for free on epic games store get it before it expires.
  2. 2 ota tickets is just for increasing your chances win on of them. Sorry to say 1 person can't win both of them. and I ain't any better bro we all the same grinding for the same thing. I also needed a mouse last month had to sell my csgo inventory to get one....😔
  3. damn both of us barely passed the requirements, may the unluckiet win.
  4. Microsoft Flight simulator got a real life whole world scale but COD: warzone still much larger than it. At this time, we all know how big a game can get in 2020, 4-5 yrs ma ta 250gb minimum requiremnts ma hunxa hola....XD😂
  5. damn @Sabin do be flexing his CN$ buying 3 tickets on a 200$ per ticket giveaway.
  6. The US has issued an order to ban popular Chinese apps, tiktok and wechat from the appstore which is set to be take in place ffrom September 20th. Previously the US President Donald Trump stated "TikTok operations to be shut down unless sold to a US company by September 15th." But since then many companies have dropped out of the deal including tech giants like Google and Microsoft. Earlier this week, Oracle was reportedly supposed to bring a deal to the US govt. to host all the American users data over its data centers. But their hasn't been any news since then.
  7. haha at least you have enough space to have lots of games, I barely have space left for 1 game(that's not a 2020 game, god forbid any old game to have a huge update and i will have to delete other games to play them).
  8. As we all know, how the PS5 went out of stock even for preorder just after mins of launch. Since SONY rushed their release date and preorder date too counter XBOX. But since it seems it was a little too good to be true. There have been many reports claiming that even if you are the lucky few who got in fast enough get get their hands on one of the preorder ones, you are still not guaranteed to get one on the release date. Amazon which was one of the retailers who were responsible for PS5 preorders were not expecting to have such an overwhelming demand of supply. As such they aren't
  9. Mero ma ta 1080 low to medium chalxa hola but no space left in ssd😅. Those who only have low storage ssd and no hdd knows how i feel. Since games in 2020 have been raising in storage required.😔
  10. many after market gpu's have also been reveiwed and benchmarked.
  11. The new psu should be more than capable of runnning that system. Since it is a new 80+ gold certified psu i wouldn't worry much. What cooler are you using maybe the connectors are connected properly? Did you clean the old thermal paste throughly? Is the fan working properly?
  12. Everton Fulham Manchester Utd Arsenal Tottenham Newcastle Chelsea Leicester Aston Villa Manchester City
  13. I would say stick with fantech many budget mouse in daraz are not ergonomic and have unwanted "gamer" stuff which isn't much comfortable.
  14. The mouse is good was it this cheap? can't say anything about the keyboard and headphones

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