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  1. Real life experience is worth it.u will get to know everything by urself which would be an improvement in skills.Ideas and knowledge can be shared with acquired experience. how willingly are u interested bro..??
  2. well mr beecase bro i can help u build u pc and provide you required knowledge too...i can train you in my workshop if you wish too...
  3. These recent days technologies has advanced so far that there are lot of gadgets, Drones….etc. Computer techs are one of those. Everyone knows about computers but how do you build one.?? With an aid of internet many users has successfully build their own rig showcasing on youtube and other various social media sites… These includes heavy gaming , editing machines to budget builds where one has to spend cash according to their needs…Many novice builders often lack knowledge and money on building so a software has made it easy for first time builders to gain experience on pc building digitally
  4. installed parts gtx 1050ti - nrs 22500 goldkist 650w psu - nrs 5000 transcend ddr4 ram - nrs 6000 cheap 80mm brushless fan - nrs 300each dell mini atx power pin- 20$ sgd bought from singapore 240gb phantom ssd both side tapes, cable tie up, spray paint matt black and primer grey one warnining..powersupply for dell pc requires wire mods and tricks or it wont start...
  5. abo nepal ko sandharva ma herne ho vane most of them use cracked software.Software kinna ni paypal account chahinxa jun nepal ma banauna garai xa ra thirdparty bata kinda yo charge tyo charge vani dherai lutxaan....payoneer bata transaction ni garo ..Dherai factor le garda normally software kinidaina..Only proffesionals who have career in software field buys it...i myself got my paypal account blocked..😬🤕
  6. for complete set or parts https://hamrobazaar.com/i2246843-gaming-pc.html just for i5 https://hamrobazaar.com/i1953926-intel-core-i54570-processor-for-desktop-computers.html
  7. Dell optiplex pcs are great for home and office use..My colleage wants his optiplex to be modified for video rendering and microsoft simulator...but the basic hardware wasnt enough.. As per his wish i modified it on a tight budget but was it worth modifying ....he was satisfied with the performance but i hav high doubt about its reliabilty..🤕. Has any one tried this before.......??
  8. bazaar ma i5 ko shortage xa so i hav msi h81 mobo with i3 processor...
  9. j vayeni halnus.....kei laj maanu pardaina
  10. #cybernepal #CNrigshowdown Rig 1 specs main board : Msi Z97 gaming 7 processor : Intel core i7 4770k Ram : crosiar vengance ddr3 1600mhz 16gb Graphics card : Msi gtx 1050 ti 4GB Cpu cooler : cooler master liquid lite 120 case fan : Fantech fc 120 turbine 2 pcs for air inlet case fan : cooler master sickle airflow 2pcs for exhaust Psu : cooler master mwe 550W Display : HP W1972a monitor

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