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  1. I got vaccinated waiting for long hours standing in line in hope that it will create an immunity against the virus but recent reports says vaccine not effective against another viral strains of covid..Don't know what's gonna happen in comming days Aviation sector is really in a brink of collapse.In fear of loosing job😷 .Stay safe everyone.
  2. oh!! no.what i bad news..😔 How did such a big site came to an end...I was very excited to join this platform as most pc enthuist can communicate and share knowledge together but sadly its coming to an end due to lack of support...dont know what to say but i am really sad to hear this news..
  3. can you specify battery connector details...is it the battery pins or laptop contact pins.???
  4. My Entry : I don't use any fancy launcher as most consumes ram and contains ads..The above screenshot includes a M launcher (Full version) .icons are inbuilt default from m launcher but can be downloaded separately. The Most used apps for instant needs are on home screen i.e a Accu battery A app on my notification bar indicating battery percentage.This app is useful to monitor battery's charge current, discharge current, life and wear cycles. Greenify to hibernate apps when not used and keep my phone on dose mode during standby . This saves a lot of my phones battery ju
  5. umm i havent attach any laptop charger on backend...the charger is the power supply of the main monitor.
  6. 🙂🙂 thanks...anyrecomendation plz
  7. Well how can u say it??? where can i get those cobe hexagonal lights in nepali bazaar..?
  8. This was one of my dream project. After researching several hours and days of hard work finally made the desk of my own design. Well it isn't any International branded Ikea tables most gamer prefer but a local ply board constructed table. It isn't much of a wow type table i have seen online but it does the work. Isometric drawing Sorry for the bad pic as my scanner is currently out of service. Final Master Piece Back view of cable management. Well that's
  9. Yestai xa nepal ma..kunai store wala le satya boldaina.. dhatne, thagne ...maar ma hami parne anii.. Foreign bata ni scamm hunxa ni.. my friend bought a external hdd on ebay and what he got was totally lol... hdd case with a hacked pendrive of 1gb that shows 1tb and a 600gm metal load on it.. 😂😂😂😂
  10. I bought it from computer bazaar on putalisadak.. K garnu sir its very hard to work with a strict army retired nepal army colonel as your boss.
  11. Well didn't know about scamming before and knowing cheating on tech trusting a seller is hard these days.. Few years ago umm.. 3 years ago i recommended my boss a hp Star Wars Special Edition 15-an050nr Notebook . The asthetic looked awesome and the price tag was Nrs 80k.. I thought it was reasonable price and bought it.. it worked well for few months until display conk out.. Ohh my lord i was totally in shit man situation.. I had an arguement with the seller and he did repair the display but broke few plastic parts and now anther problem arose.. The harddrive is dying with very slow performan
  12. As per the rules Pc parts as follows- PRICE IN $ From Motherboard - GIGABYTE GA-A320M-S2H 74.99 Amazon Processor - AMD Ryzen 3 3100 with Wraith Spire Cooler 136.76 Amazon Ram - Team T-FORCE VULCAN Z 59.99 Newegg 16GB (2 x 8GB) Type - DDR4 3200 Storage - Crucial MX500 500G
  13. Mostly people prefer hamrobazaar but before to buy something you must have knowledge regarding which parts you are intending to buy because most sellers lie about the usage of the parts.. If you want to sell/ buy than cybernepal would be best place .alternative - hamrobazaar, sastoramro..

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