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  1. Magic Print, Basantapur, Lalitpur. Search them on Fb and Intagram. They make all the anime and pop culture Tshirts aswell as all types of prints.
  2. Haha Yei bela ho kamaune bhanera sabb le black ma bechira hola.
  3. Seeing the current trend in PMPL streaming focusing on Nepal there might be chance they put out server soon. But I havent heard till now.
  4. Everton Chelsea Arsenal Newcastle Sheffield United Crystal Palace Tottenham Aston villa West Brom Wolves
  5. In context of Nepal Hamrobazaar is the bestest option but be aware of fake people out there.
  6. Used Mi Band 3 for a year. Overall good experience, But now I am planning to switch to Fitbit. Apple watch is still costly for me. 😛
  7. Yeah, I had very bad experience on their return policy and their customer care center is shit.
  8. Souled_Out

    Clash of clan

    I still play Clash of Clan but rarely. Many of my friends have moved on but i couldn't'.
  9. So you're saying there's a chance.
  10. Only Group H seems intersting to me. Group G also looks equally good Barcelona vs Juventus. Other big teams in other groups would easily qualify for the next round.
  11. Bro, Go for POCO x3 probably the higher versions with 9gb/128gb variant would cost you around 30k.
  12. Souled_Out

    Gaming phone

    Definitely go for Poco x3 very good phone in decent price.
  13. Moblie ma khelna garo ta garai lagxa but since all my friends play in moblie i also join them on the game on a messanger call.

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