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  1. Resolution Scale: [email protected]% #Valorant VALORANT-Win64-Shipping 2020-10-26 15-22-17-731.mp4
  2. Zindagi ma jhukkera 1 choti imposter baninxa..tehi ni yesari khera janxa.. maile ta among us nai khelna xoddiye. #Among us 20201025_105152_edited.mp4
  3. umm... Tyo phone QUALCOMM ko nai hunxa.. just Designing matra ASUS le garxa.
  4. I5 is a good option if you are on tight budget. If you want the best, you should go with Ryzen 5 as they are cheaper then I5 and also give better performance. Ryzen 5000 series have both single core and multi core performance better then that of Intel processors.
  5. I think price will be similar to Asus ROG phone as these phone will be sharing hardware like display, memory and camera etc.
  6. According to DigiTimes, QUALCOMM the developer of Snapdragon is planning to make their series of Gaming Smartphone in partnership with ASUS. The very first Smartphone can be launched by the end of this year. To develop these phones, Asus will be making Hardware components whereas QUALCOMM itself is responsible for Software parts. Asus is known as one of the best android gaming phones manufacturer as it produce ROG series. Now Asus will be competing with its own Flagship phones. It is said that Asus ROG phone and QUALCOMM phone will share their Hardware parts like camera, displ
  7. Actually it was a poster which you can buy and make it your own. Foug did same..they bought that poster and edited it little bit.
  8. You can use mobile phone camera as webcam. All the best for future.
  9. yes. kunaikunai mero post haru xan jun ma maile deep research gareko xu but khassai ramro interaction aako xaina but tyo kura lai xodera aru ramro interaction aako post lai herxu khushi lagxa ra aru ni post garu vanni lagxa. Thank you CyberNepal admins yesto community banaunu vayeko ma.
  10. I mean I play on 2000DPI and 0.40 sensitivity in valorant. If I change my DPI to 1000 then I will be going with 0.80 sensitivity in valorant. I know having low sensitivity will make you precise, but I don't have enough space in my table to make less sensitivity then this.
  11. I pay on 2000DPI and low-mid sensi as i dont have that much space to move my mouse
  12. Leeds Manchester City Draw Manchester United Liverpool Southampton Wolves Leicester City Brighton Tottenham Hotspurs
  13. maile ta aaile single channel use garnu hunxa..ani paxi aarko 8gb ko stick ra mass storage ko lagi HDD halnu hunxa vaneko ho

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