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  1. Gaming chair are just a gimmick. Just buy good ergonomic office chair.
  2. Afterburner use garera game khelera hero bro paile. Throttle bhako cha ki china hera. Throttle bhako cha bhane matra undervolt gara. Also undervolt garnu ho vhane it is perfectly safe. just look at some tutorial in youtube. You just have to download some software and decrease core voltage offset. Every chip is different so you have to experiment yourself. It is hit and trial processor, just keep lowering voltage and test the game until you crashes. This way you will know how low your cpu will go.
  3. Yo sd775 bhako mobile haru 600 dollar jati parla. 1000 ma ni tai processor halyo bhane ta lastai mango bhayo. Even samsung le s20 fe 700 dollar ma di racha which have sd865 processor.
  4. 8 gb ram pachi thapne bhaye this build looks very good. Gaming focus garne ho bhane chahi ryzen 5 2600 use garera gtx 1600 super le badi fps dela game ma chahi.
  5. i am saying nepali 70k price seems fair considering in india it cost 50k.
  6. Herda matrai ustai ho. lol le chutai mobile game nikalna lako cha wild rift bhannne.
  7. Genshin impact. If you want to spend the money the room and monument valley are very good. If you want hidden object game i would recommend lost lands series. Gwent if you like card game other games i recommend altos adventure, kingdom rush, mekorama, fallout shelter
  8. Lenovo are making some of the greatest laptop right now. I was amazed by their latest legion 5 and legion 7 series laptop. And now this also looks so good. Only problem is in Nepal these laptop are damn expensive.
  9. Looking at the Indian price 70k for ps5 seems fair. only problem with buying form dealer is that they don't provide any warranty . if your console is damage you need to spend money to repair it. Looking at indian price I think xbox series x and ps5 will be priced evenly here too. I also find pricing of series s a bit wierd. It should have cost 30k in india but is priced at 35k.
  10. Pc parts haru ni import garera bechnu parne ho k. Pasale harule lastai mango ma bechna thale. aru kai nabhayeni new rtx card haru chahi sasto ma paye hunthiyo.
  11. If they truely care about environment they wont be making an Iphone.
  12. Tya ta jhan mango parcha bro. Maile ps4 slim kinna khojcha jhannai 15k farak thiyo sony store ra bisal bazar ko pasal ma.
  13. For gaming i would suggest msi optix g241vc 24". This monitor supports 75 hz cost around 23k. https://www.msi.com/Monitor/Optix-G241VC/Overview
  14. Amd need to offer cheaper option for 5000 series ryzen 5 cpus. Starting price of 300 is way too much. Hopefully 5600 would be cheaper.
  15. 200 dollar ko 3600 yeta 30k tira parcha yo ta 45k pugcha jasto cha

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