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  1. I would not say it is a disastrous lunch really. Considering how much ps5 they have sold very few no of people have reported the bug. Also the bug seems like software issue which can be fixed with software update. This type of issue always happen with new console lunch, I would not worry too much. It is also good idea not to use rest mode in ps5 until they fix the issue.
  2. Lina ta physical nai line ho tara ali sanso bhayepachi. Ile hatar ta china. Maybe god of war 2 ayepachi kinchu hola.
  3. Aa thikai cha 75k samma ayo bhane chahi preorder garne bichar thiyo. Guess ill wait.
  4. hait kati mango ho haha. ile kuryo bhane pachi readily available bhayepachi sansto huncha hola ta?
  5. bro ka bara preorder gareko kati paryo??
  6. Bro maile hamrobazar bata order gareko ho pasal gayena ghar mai laidiyo monitor. ile kojeko hamrobazar ma tyo ad payena. https://hamrobazaar.com/i1972169-msi-optix-mag241c-144hz-24-fhd-va-1ms-110-srgb-curve-1y-waranty.html https://hamrobazaar.com/i2376539-msi-gaming-monitor-optix-mag241c-msi-optix-mag241c-144hz-24-fhd-va.html try these instead. its for msi g241c which is very similar to g24c4.
  7. PC ko part haru ta paicha build garcha ki gardaina bhanera chahi thaha china. Maile ta monitor home delivery gareko thiyo phone ma order dera.
  8. Yes price is worst compare to US but it is still one of the best 144hz monitor available here. You can get this monitor at around 32000 in shop around new road. I have same monitor bought from usoft store in new road.
  9. Youtubers embargo on new ryzen 5000 series cpu is just lifted and damn the new processors are good at gaming. for the first time ever best gaming cpu is amd made. just look at this csgo benchmark
  10. If what they say at the announcement is true for next gen amd gpu are cheaper than nvidia counterparts. Weirdly they have not talk about raytracing capability but looking at how next gen console handle raytracing i would say they are comparable to nvidia graphics card. in term of graphics memery amd had clear upperhand over nvidia. In past amd had poor drivers support but they manage to fix them in update. Hopefully they would not suffer form same problem next gen.
  11. ryzen 7 3700x halyo bhane graphics card igame ko gtx 1660 halnu parcha ani aru sabi same same budget lai
  12. Gaming chair are just a gimmick. Just buy good ergonomic office chair.

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