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  2. yeah cooler helps lots more inbalancing in mild temperature but not totally at all it somehow manages to flow the heat outside thats great
  3. i also thougt that more wifi bars means better network in old days
  4. Thnks for ur opinion Thnks for ur opinion
  5. Guys what your preference in regular usage doesearphone surpass or the airpod as compared earpods and airdots are expensive still i herard its has latency problem do i go with earphone or airdots/earpods???
  6. Poco is banging inthe budget segment lineup with outstanding specs
  7. Poco x2 available thats great but if u find poco x3 its awesome
  8. Yup bruh its going crazy nowdays every streamers are playing these nowadays
  9. Oneplus got good specs and component including premium feel with best ui love d it only problem.that it is more priced in nepal
  10. Guys any body here who plays free fire?what do u think is that bermuda new change and other worth it?honestly i dont like that seems copied??
  11. I think u should at first save all your files safe then restart it as new i hope the problem will be solved i tried like that many times which i thinks be good for sure or u can install costom ron as preferred above And there are somany videous in youtube regarding that check it out hope u get solutions
  12. Will poco x3 @vailable in our country soon and guys is there very difrence in 730g and 732g???

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