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  1. The new apple silicons gonna bring the prices down they say . So if you can than wait for the new MacBooks.
  2. Gaming laptops are finally better cooled. The Alienware area51m also got the dextop gpu and cpu. These laptops have good performance but can it be used as replacement for a dextop or will it be easy to carry arround. Basically can you work well on a laptop like Area 51 m .
  3. I love the game last of us 2 but it’s ps exclusive . Any help how can I play it in pc!
  4. Made it with meme app so I covered its logo by my dp. Hehe
  5. Ok I mean it’s juss 330 so if possible I will get 20 and let’s see for 21 I’m not sure I will buy it or not. If cracked than it’s good but till time I will try to get 20 . Thankyou mate.
  6. So fifa 20 in origin is just rs330 (92% discount)now. i don’t have international credit card so I can’t get it . Some one with international credit card please help me I can repay it through e sewa if you want . Thankyou and have a great day.
  7. Mate now it’s just 330 I just found out . sadly I don’t have international credit card . its on origin 92% discount. So mate is it worth getting 20 for just rs 330 in origin ? im thinking of getting it shall i ?
  8. I’m tired with fifa 19 . Is fifa 20 cracked , does some one know how to get fifa 20 for free( in pc)?
  9. I’m not finding fifa club is there any? If not someone make it .i don’t know how to 😅.
  10. Ryzen 3 3300X Would go better I say . it has good performance and also reasonable price .
  11. I have an old camera about 8 years old . It has decent quality and I want to use it as a webcam on my laptop I’m not sure how can I do that . So if anyone has idea help please.
  12. Ya when I also tilt it when I use . I looked around and found changing thermal past will be also a very good option. If still the performance is bad I will get a cooler . Thanks mate .

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