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  1. Liverpool Chelsea Manchester City Manchester United Fulham Brighton Tottenham Leicester City West Brom Wolves
  2. Many of you guys have heard about COD Warzone. It's a free to play battle royale of the rebooted COD MW. And since its free, most people play it. But there's a catch, you can not only download the Warzone mode to play it. You have to download the whole MW single player campaign as well as multiplayer modes. And it takes more than 250gb in pc. Many player including me are put off by the fact that the game is just too damn huge. I used to play in the season 0/1 when it was just 80-100gb. Then the bigger updates came and it felt like a drag to update weekly. Now patch COD MW patch 1.2
  3. The new gamers may not know that epic games store provide 2 free games on weekly basis. Along with steam, they should also install epic games store and use it. Some of the games are also exclusive to epic games store.
  4. Chelsea Everton Manchester City Newcastle Leicester Southampton Arsenal Fulham Tottenham Spurs Liverpool
  5. Manchester United Everton Chelsea Southampton Leeds Tottenham Manchester City Wolves Fulham Arsenal
  6. Data mining can also create hype for the newer things. It depends on the game devs and the fandom to perceive it positively or negatively. In apex legends, data miners had already found out about rampart, the most latest legend, months ago, that didn't give any loss to respawn nor this season (6) became stale due to leaked data. Before that also, when data miners found about the new legend, Forge for season 4. Respawn knew about this, and what did they do. They made a new teaser trailer about a newer legend, killing forge, the legend that data miners mined out. And that created even
  7. Leaks are just leaks, I will only believe if they come out with it.
  8. Nope, no way you can play it on pc. Buy a ps4 after ps5 launches. Its prices will significantly be less.
  9. In the recent cyberpunk livestream, "Night City Wire" the devs told that CP2077 will have shorter story because many people didn't the complete the whole story of Geralt's epic quest of finding Ciri. According to, How Long To Beat The Witcher 3 can be completed in 51 and half hour without doing side quests. The devs said the main story is just slightly shorter so I think it would take about 45 hours to complete the main story of CP2077 which is actually not bad. And surely since it's a RPG, Night Wire City would be lively as well filled with side quests and many stuffs. I would sure
  10. But overclock garyo bhane life span ghatcha haina? Is there any truth to it?
  11. Rockstar said some big updates will come to gta online in this holiday season, and according to leaks, it's the addition of liberty city (the map of gta III and gta IV) If rockstar did plan to release gta VI, they wouldn't to to this much of extent of creating just a DLC as big as this. And firstly, there will be a reveal trailer for any new games. And even after the reveal trailer gets live, it would take at least a year for the release of the game. So to get released in 2021, we should've already got a reveal trailer. The official reveal trailer for gta V was revealed in 2011,
  12. Rockstar has planned to make gta V cross gen so I think they're still on the path to milk it. I doubt gta VI will be available next year. Maybe the year after?
  13. Ahh online ma assets ni load huna paryo plus servers Sanga connect bhaera auna jhyau, feri rockstar ko North America ma matra rahecha

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