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  1. Anyone redmi users here? Kun kun devices mah ayo MIUI 12 ko update. Anyone received the update on Redmi Note 7 ( indian Varient) ? And comment one best thing about the MIUI 12 update.
  2. helpful. Create more of these bro
  3. For the budget of Rs 4000 this one is the best i guess.
  4. hYpnO

    TIps on Streaming

    I am thinking of starting streaming. What softwares do i need to get started? I have capable processor and gpu to stream but just need some tips on how to get started.
  5. I wanted to play games in high graphics without worrying about the temps so i thought of undervolting.
  6. So, i need someone who has done this before and guide me. I'm scared to do it on my own. lol
  7. I own Predator Helios 300 (2019) and i was thinking of undervolting it. I know that it comes undervolted but still i want to know if we can still undervolt it and help to keep my laptop cool while gaming. Anyone who has undervolted their laptop can help me (if possible predator users). I have 1660ti model with 16 gb RAM. I bought this laptop 5/6 months ago and well i must say i am quite new to these stuffs.
  8. I'm hoping to buy Mi band 4 or 5 this Dashain. I'm new to these smart watches. Can someone recommend me which one should i buy since im new to these. btw can u also mention their prices currently> Thanks !!
  9. I was gonna buy same headset. Except for heating issues its worth the money.
  10. Can someone recommend some good coolers out there under Rs.1000? ( location if possible)
  11. Obviously genuine products are way to go. But due to such high price many would prefer using cracked softwares. btw it sure is risky though.
  12. Since he is popular he will surely get his account back.

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