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  1. Networking topic duitai mah huncha hai? or is it only hardware related?
  2. Brighton Newcastle Manchester United Leeds Chelsea West Ham Draw Draw Liverpool Arsenal
  3. Yes, for ios you'll have to make a separate apple id by setting the country address to where the beta is available.
  4. Yes, I think your facebook profile url will be same as your username which you can set from account settings.
  5. LoLWR, short for League of Legends: Wild Rift is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game that was announced back in October 2019 by Riot Games. It is similar to the PC version of LoL, but a little squeezed up to make it optimized for mobile. With a lot of development process, the game is at its final stage, the Regional Open Beta, which has currently been made available for all players in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand since October 27, 2020. If you don't live there then don't you worry. You too can try it for yourself with few easy step
  6. Wolves Manchester City Chelsea Liverpool Aston Villa Everton Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur Fulham Leeds
  7. That would be due to the earphone's wire being exposed(and ofcourse it being cheap). It was the same case with me. I use cheap earphones mostly and unless it doesn't have any exposed area of wire, it won't give you shock.
  8. You mentioned about streaming and gaming. It's a lot better to do that in a desktop PC rather than laptop. For me, the only thing that stopped me from building a PC instead of choosing laptop was solely because of Portability. It plays a big role(and probably the only reason for choosing it). If you are willing to make those inches of sacrifices for portability, then only I'd recommend you to go for laptop. Otherwise, it's always better with PC.
  9. i thought that was a real donut for a second there then I looked up InBlender and turns out it's a software lol Nice work !!
  10. yo that was totally fire ❤️ really amazing !! you have motivated me to post some covers too xD
  11. After looking at the logo, I immediately remembered that my dad used to have this phone back in the day before smooth android touchscreens were born haha Looking forward to how they'll be able to compete. The market is pretty tough.
  12. Looking forward to the 775G chip as it'll probably change the market scene of mid-range phones.
  13. All that is fine until a villain comes in with some weird laugh or annoying thing he does every now and then ugh
  14. While there may arise some another mobile game on top, PUBGM is most likely to come back in India. I've covered an article about it here.

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