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  1. Lots of rumors regarding the S21 series had been going on around for the past months and finally, the wait is over as Samsung has announced its latest Galaxy S21 series which includes S21, S21+, and the massive S21 Ultra. Most of the leaks which I have mentioned in my previous post were pretty accurate (click here). Specs and features: The Samsung Galaxy S21 and the S21 plus share pretty much of same specs with the S21 plus getting a bigger display size and a bigger battery. To keep the price of the Galaxy S21 lower (as compared to other models), Samsung has decided to go with the p
  2. Go for Google Pixel 4a. I don't think you will get better camera phone than Pixel 4a at this price range. And you know that pixel has been always known for its camera. The important think that matters in videography is a stabilized camera sensor and I find pixel 4a good at it.
  3. Can expect some good things to happen here in Nepal as well in near future.
  4. We might get to see the door that sanitizes the whole body of the visitors before entering the place as well.
  5. This is the question on everybody's mind and most of us might have tried using TV as a computer monitor to enjoy the large display. Larger display monitor costs expensive so why not buy a TV instead since you can use TV as a monitor as well? Well, TV has bigger pixels as compared to the computer monitor and hence, we have to sit in a distance in order to avoid eye strain. But, we use computer sitting very close to it so using a TV as a monitor will interfere a safe distance and also, it will be difficult for you to see everything on the screen. Similarly, TV has less refresh rate and mor
  6. That's a beautiful setup. Maybe you can add some hexagonal lights on the wall and giving some color scheme or theme would make it look more fabulous.
  7. It was already cleared that Elon would become the richest in the world seeing how far he took the Tesla. He is already taking the future in his hands. Guess what he will do in future?

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