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  1. Thanks man. Waiting for your covers.
  2. I think you got it wrong. Apple isn't making a TV. Its working on the new model of Apple TV and Apple TV is just like a set top box which allows you to watch movies, listen song and you can also mirror your iPhone screen.
  3. Looks premium but is priced higher.
  4. We have seen two virtual events hosted by Apple in September and October. Apple introduced its Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, the new iPad Air, and an eighth-generation iPad in the September event. Similarly, we got to see the latest iPhone 12 lineups, MagSafe, and the new HomePod Mini in the October event. It is also rumored that Apple is planning for the November event where Apple will reveal its more products. Well, here is the list of upcoming rumored products and the products that Apple revealed itself in the event: macOS Big Sur macOS Big Sur was previewed in WWDC 2020 w
  5. The launch of RTX 3060 seems to be delayed and it is expected to arrive in mid-November as current rumors (still not sure). Also it might me RTX 3060Ti (or super).
  6. Yeah it would have been better. They have tried the wireless charging in the OnePlus 8 pro which worked fine so they might include the feature in the upcoming non-pro model as well.
  7. Key Points: The codename for the OnePlus 9 has been leaked. OnePlus 9 is expected to arrive in the first half of 2021. OnePlus 9 to feature flat display instead of dual-curved glass edges. It has just been a week since OnePlus launched its flagship smartphone OnePlus 8T and it is reported that the company is working on another new phone named OnePlus 9. There have already been lots of rumors about the OnePlus 9 and another new leak from a renowned smartphone leaker, Max J, suggest that the upcoming OnePlus 9 will be codenamed "Lemonade." There have already been repor
  8. Yeah quite beneficial for us. Previously, there was no competition for Intel so they used to price the parts higher but ever since AMD has started pricing its product lower, Intel as well planned to make its components cheaper.
  9. Trapped in the PPE suit. Still a year or more to end this pandemic. Good luck with your work.
  10. Yeah no one is satisfied with the design of this phone but it might come with other new model if it is criticized by lots of people.
  11. Saw this just now. What is it used for?
  12. Making a glass body back with low protection wouldn't be great and to get higher gorilla glass back, more cost is required.
  13. Happy dashain guys! What about getting CN$ as Virtual Dakshina @ Zero Grey?😂
  14. Aston Villa Man City Fulham Manchester United Liverpool Everton Wolves Arsenal Brighton Tottenham
  15. I love how helpful our admins and mods are. Since I am more interested in the tech things, I can get daily updates about everything here and also, I am a cybermage which helped me improve my skills and knowledge regarding techs. This wouldn't be possible without CyberNepal.

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